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MG7120 copier Communications is off line when it's on

My computer states my Canon MG7120 is turned off when it's been turned on?

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Re: MG7120 copier Communications is off line when it's on



Thank you for your inquiry, and welcome to the Canon Forums. We appreciate your participation, however, for the community to best assist you can you provide us with the following information:


  1. Operating System of the computer?
  2. How is your printer connected?

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Re: MG7120 copier Communications is off line when it's on

 Microsoft 10 wireless 

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Re: MG7120 copier Communications is off line when it's on

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Thats for describing your problem.  The more information you provide, the easier it is for others to try and help.  It also cuts down on questions and the back and forth.  


Did your printer ever work?


The behavior you describe has two causes:


The printer is not connected to the same network as the computer




The port or IP the computer thinks the printer is using is not valid.


First thing to do.  Print a network configuration page:


Now you can confirm if the printer is connected to your network, and what it's IP address is.  If its not connected, that will need to be resolved.


If your printer is being assigned a dynamic IP, it can change depending on how often you use the printer and when it last communicated with the network.  I would suggest assigning it a static IP.  What this does.  Your wireless router will hand out IP addresses to any devices that connect to your network.  Some devices are static (always present), others "come and go".  Assigning a static IP to a device ensures it always gets the same address.  Regardless how often it is used, or whether it gets turned off from time to time.  What you want is persistence.  


When you first installed your printer, your router gave it an IP address, and the device was installed on your computer.  Unless told to use a static address, this information can change.  Now the IP your computer believes the printer has is not valid.  The computer cannot communicate with the printer and it shows "Offline". 


Using the information on the print out above will allow you to set a static IP for the device on your router.


Once this is done, you should remove the printer from your system and uninstall its software, then restart your machine.  Now run set up again, and install the printer.  What will be different.  The printer will be using a static IP that won't change.  Your computer will always be able to find the device at this destination (IP).  This only needs to be done once.  


Drivers for your printer are availble here:  Canon Support Portal

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