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Install MX922 on 2 different subnet?

I have a LAN segmented into 2 separate LAN's or subnets. LAN 1 is 192.168.1.x and LAN 2 is 192.168.2.x. I installed a MX922 using the network install method on all PCs on LAN 1 with no problem. The MX922 is located on LAN 1.


I tried to install the printer on a PC on LAN 2 but install fails stating that it cannot find any printer on the network. My guess is that it only searches on the same subet that the installing PC is on AND the install software does not allow you to define the IP address for it to look for the printer.


I know that all firewalls are disabled and communication from LAN 1 to LAN 2 is fine because this printer is replacing another printer set up the exact same way and that printer set up is still workng fine.


I was thinking of placing the PC in question "temporarily" on LAN 1 to install the printer and then moving it back to LAN 2 and then manually reconfiguring the port to the different IP address, but when I try to configure the printer port on a PC on LAN 1 where the printer is already installed it gives the error that there are no configurable settings for the port. So I don't think I would be able to configure the port once it was back on LAN 2.


I can't possibly be the first person to try to install one of these printers in an office environment where there are numerous subnets that all need to print to a central printer so I'm guessing that there has to be a solution, but it is found no where in the documentation or on this site that I can see. So can anyone help me please?

Thank you.

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Re: Install MX922 on 2 different subnet?



It can be done even though I emailed Canon support and their reply stated that Canon printers are not capable of working accross multiple subnets.


The solution is:

1. Change the PC concerned to the same LAN as the printer so they are both on the same subnet. The printer and PC must be on the same subnet at the time of installation.

2. Then install the printer normally.

3. After printer is up and running fine on the given PC then change it back to the original subnet that it is supposed to be on.


That's it!


This is just a workaround. For an IT guy that has numerous PCs on numerous different subnets this would be a huge task. For a home with 1 or 2 extra subnets and just a few PCs it is a pain.

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Re: Install MX922 on 2 different subnet?

I have the same issue. PC and printer on different SSIDs/VLANS.

Printer has IP address and I can browse to it but it is not detected at setup.  I think the printer probably advertises itself using layer 2 only.


I'm going to prove it by moving my PC to the same SSID/VLAN temporarily until the setup is complete.


It's easy for me to connect my PC to a different SSID (I have three SSIDs.)


If someone has to install the printer on a lot of PCs, it might be worth trying to detect what changes the setup made to the first PC and then replicating those changes.


Back in the good old days I would have used Novell's snapshot utility to do a before and after comparison which allowed me to make an installation object for use on other PCs.

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