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Canon MG5420 randomly goes offline

My Canon MG5420 randomly goes offline. Also just bought a new Apple computer and have trouble connecting this wireless printer to it.

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Re: Canon MG5420 randomly goes offline

Having the same issue in our office. It's driving me nuts. Find any fix?

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Re: Canon MG5420 randomly goes offline

Hi going to try and call Canon tech support at 866-261-9362

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Re: Canon MG5420 randomly goes offline

The problem most printers are having is that every time you turn off your computer, the internet system (your friendly router) assigns it a different IP address.  The same goes with your printer.  If the printer is off, the next time it's turned on, there is a different IP address assigned to it.  Your computer now cannot find your printer anymore because it relies on knowing the IP address of the printer, which is now changed.


The surest method to have reliable connection to the printer is to permanently assign it a fixed IP address which belongs to your network so that your computer will always be able to find it.  Once you set up, you will never have to mess with setting the printer anymore (until you change the router with a different IP).  Here is the procedure, for the PC - sorry I don't know Mac:


1. First you need to connect the printer to the router via an ethernet cable.  Don't worry, after everything is done, you will be able to print wirelessly from your laptop or computer.


2. Find out what your router IP address is on your computer.  See the # 1 in the procedure below.  you will find the number to be something like this:  The first 3 sets of number for your network will not change.  The xxx is the one assigned to your computer . It ranges from 001 to 255.  This number will change everytime your computer is powered off.  The printer IP will be similar to this number except for the last 3 (xxx).   You may want to give your printer a large number like .200 to avoid conflict with existing devices (most household has less than 10 so 200 is safe).  A number for your printer, in this example would be


3. Assign the fixed IP address obtained from # 2 to your printer:

a. Display Setup in the HOME screen, then press the right Function button.
b. Select Device settings, then press the OK button.
c. Select LAN settings, then press the OK button.
d. Select Other setup, then press the OK button.
e. Select TCP/IP settings, then press the OK button.
f. Select IPv4, then press the OK button.
g. Select Yes, then press the OK button.
h. Select IP address, then press the OK button.  Give it the IP address in # 2
i. Select Manual setup, then press the OK button.
Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with settings.
When the setup is complete, press the HOME button.


4. Set up the printer on your computer. Every computer needs to be configured once.  If you already have the printer installed with USB, configure the printer for Ethernet as follows - or install a new driver then do below:

  1. Open "Printers and Faxes"
  2. Click on MG5420, then right click and click on "Properties"
  3. Click on "Ports" tab
  4. Click "Add Port"
  5. Click on "Standard TCP/IP Port"
  6. Click on "New Port" (not New Port Type)
  7. When the "Add Standard TCP/IP Port" wizard comes up, click Next
  8. Under "Printer Name or IP Address" enter the IP address that you set ( in our example)
  9. The box underneath will be automatically filled in; don't change these entries
  10. Click next



I found this instruction on the internet and cut and paste it here in.  You can find the link here:

How do I set up a fixed/static IP address for the printer when using Ethernet connection?

These directions obtained from Don (who was extremely helpful and friendly) at Canon Tech support:

  1. Decide what fixed IP address to use:
    1. Start Menu -> Run -> type "cmd" (without quotes) then press Enter
    2. Type "ipconfig" then press Enter
    3. Sample results: Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
      1. Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
      2. IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
      3. Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
      4. Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
    4. Choose a fixed IP address, in our case
    5. Type "ping"
    6. If you get "Request Timed Out" you know that there aren't any other devices at this IP address, so you can use for the printer.
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Re: Canon MG5420 randomly goes offline

  1. Restart the computer and then attempt to print again.
  2. . Power off and back on the access point and printer to restore communication.
  3. Open the Printers folder to set the printer back online.
  4. he Canon printer is not set as the default printer. Check the Printers folder to set the Canon printer as default.
  5. The printer driver is configured corrupted. Update them.

Use above guideline to overcome your issue. If these are not useful to you then go to  Canon PIXMA MG5420 Manual for more useful ideas. 

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Re: Canon MG5420 randomly goes offline -

Am I missing something?  The MG5420 does not seem to have an ethernet connector.  I double checked this on the network install guide which shows connection via USB or wireless.  It still uses IP addressing though as I can see the IP address is assigned.  I have the same issue with the printer sayings it's offline to the computer but seeing it on the router when I go into my netgear router.  I have Windows 10 and tried reinstalling, adding the newest driver and I connecting it via USB to the router and this worked great for a while but again I seem to be having the same issue.  I should still be able to set up the static IP address I would think because the router should see it and my PC see it from the router.  Thanks for taking the time to add this very details post!

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