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Re: Canon 80D Flash Questions

One final missive, and then I will call it quits. Too much to do. From the Canon 80D Online Instruction Manual (printed version does not have section on flash photography).


Includes diagram of flash menu for Manual Wireless Shooting




When [Flash Mode] is set to [Manual Flash], flash exposure can be set manually.  The flash output settings that can be set vary depending upon the setting.


Firing Group:  All  The manual flash output setting is applied to all external Speedlites.


Firing Group:  (A:B)   You can set the flash output separately for Slave Groups A and B.


Firing Group:  All and Built-In  The flash output can be set separately for Speedlite(s) and built-In flash.


Firing Group:  All, (A:B), Built-In   You can set the flash output separately for Slave Groups A and B.  You can also set the flash output for the built-in flash.


Page 254, Wireless Flash Photography, Canon "Online" 80D Instruction Manual.


Maybe you can set it, but the information does not appear on the Speedlite LCD Panel.  (If this is the case, Canon should have made that clear).  I had to type all the above in by hand because the PDF version of the online manual would not allow me to cut and paste.  Maybe Canon needs a better tech writer who goes into more detail.  There are entirely too many "unknowns".  I hope Syl Arena's new book comes out this summer . . .


Thanks for listening.  No need to write back, but it was interesting sharing.  On to many other things to do . . .

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Re: Canon 80D Flash Questions

I lied. Your built in flash is a master.

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