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Remote Triggers/Transmitters

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I have an EOS 5D MkIV and 2 x 430EX III-RT Speedlites. I will also be adding a Godox AD600Pro for extra power when needed.


What trigger/receiver do I need to fire ALL THREE lights together? 


Note: I do not require TTL.

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Re: Remote Triggers/Transmitters

I am no expert on Speedlites and Strobes.  But, I think your Godox is not directly compatible with the RF signals driving the Canon Speedlites.  You need something to trigger the Canon 430EX III-RT Speedlites.  The transmitter that will fire the Canon Speedlites may not be able to fire the Godox at the same time.  


You need to settle on one RF system, not a mixture of two or more.


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Re: Remote Triggers/Transmitters

Are you sure you need the extra power? Could you instead increase ISO a bit?


Or, gang up the speedlites (what I do).  I have six 600-series Speedlites and often gang up four of them when needing lots of power (e.g. "overpowering the sun") or for properly filling large modifiers.  There are various brackets you can get to allow the mounting of two, three, four (or even eight!) speedlites.



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Re: Remote Triggers/Transmitters

If you don't need TTL then the cheap chinese triggers will do it, these use a radio signal with the transmitter unit fitting into the camera hotshoe and a receiver for each flashgun. They are sold under a variety of names but almost all of them come from the same factory, search on ebay or amazon for 16 channel flash trigger.


I use these all the time and they have never failed me yet.

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