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My speedlite 600 ex-rt will turn on but it won't fire. Any suggestions?

My speedlite 600 ex-rt flash will turn on but it won't fire. The batteries work and were fully charged so that was not the problem. It also reads that it is ready to fire but no flash. It's about 1 year old, Is the flash worn out already or can it be fixed?


Does the test button turn red (I still have no idea why red means ready and green means it's still charging)?  Does it fire a test flash when you push it?  In answer to your question, no, the flash shouldn't be burned out yet, not even close.  Though, if it doesn't fire a test flash then something is wrong.  I know there have been reports of some issues with rechargeables.  So much so that Canon actually contraindicated them in the labeling.  It's nonsense, but still, try fresh alkalines if the test flash isn't working just to be sure.


The red button is on which means it's ready to fire but when I press the test button, nothing happens. It's not the batteries because I use them all the time and they work. My problem is the actual flash. Everything functions as it should, just no light. 😞

Well, then it sounds like there's an issue with the flash.  Still, I'd try fresh alkalines before sending it in.

Thank you so much for all of your help. I contacted canon and they said it sounds like a damaged bulb in my flash. I'll have to send it in for repair.
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