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Re: macOS High Sierra not compatible with EOS Utility 2.3.0? Help.

@indergopal wrote:
hi i tried downloading latest version of canon softwares numerous time but all communication failed.
i am used to shooting tethered great handicap for me

This sounds like a new issue.  Since this is an old thread, you may want to create a new thread and provide info on your camera model, computer OS version, and the version of any software you are trying to use with the camera.


I'm on macOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra) - the latest

I use EOS Utility 3.8.20 - also the latest


I am not having any issues... WiFi works & tethered via USB works.  I can transfer images via the USB cable.  I can use EOS Utility.  I can use other apps such as Apple Photos, Lightroom, and several others.


I normally don't do this... I normally just insert the card into a card reader.  But I *can* do this via USB and it does work (I've tested this numerous times when users claim the software doesn't work.)


One important detail... only ONE application at a time can take control of the camera.  Often, the computer will auto-launch some default application just because you connected and powered up the camera.  This can interfere with the program you *want* to use being able to control the camera.


For example, you wont be able to import images into Photos or Lightroom if EOS Utility auto-launches when you connect the camera (you would need to quit EOS Utility and then launch Lightroom or Photos or whatever software you prefer to use.)





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Re: macOS High Sierra not compatible with EOS Utility 2.3.0? Help.

Hi Tim 

Thanks for responding.

I actually had to buy a new MacBook Pro 15" and it has OS High Sierra ver 10.13.5.

I use Canon 5D Mark 2.



I just followed your suggestions and it is working. Will test more when I go to my studio.

Thanks a lot for sparing your precious time by responding to my problem.

Warm regards,


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Re: macOS High Sierra not compatible with EOS Utility 2.3.0? Help.

I know this is a really old post, but just want to close the loop and say that I still have my MBP 2010 and am currently running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 and have successfully installed the latest version of EOS Utility 2.14.31c as well as the latest versions of Digital Photo Professional and PictureStyleEditor.  I was finally able to download all the photos from my 40D via the cable...many moons, eclipses and desert night sky viewings later.....with success!  I finally got around to making the time to do this.  Thanks to all who contributed their time and expertise to this thread.  It's probably time to upgrade the MBP and camera by now.

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Re: macOS High Sierra not compatible with EOS Utility 2.3.0? Help.

HI, I am still running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6, and I've not been able to connect my 70D since I stupidly allowed my old iMac to update to it last year. I've just downloaded EOS Utility 2.14.31c as well as The 70D still won't connect by WiFi. I have to have this as I use my 70D as a microscope with an MP-E65 on a copy stand, and compose images, and fire the shutter, using my mouse. I have no option than to use my Samsung S9 to control it, which is very unstable and buggy (it fires the shutter up to 10 times when I touch the 'shoot' icon). I have to say I will never buy another Apple. I am going back to PC when I can afford a new computer.
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