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Windows 10 Version and DPP - Debunking The Misconception

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I'm using DPP 4.7.1 and 4.7.20 on two machines.  Also using EOS Utility 3.6.3


#1 DPP 4.7.1 / EOS 3.6.3 - Windows Home, Build 1709, intel graphics - Works Perfectly

#2 DPP 4.7.2 / EOS 3.6.3 - Windows Pro, Build 1709, EVGA gForce GTX 970 FTW - Works perfectly.


Obviously machine 2 handles post production editing and conversion (RAW to JPEG) better than machine 1... but both utilities work seamlessly with either OS version, build 1709. Does the dedicated GPU enhance performance, absolutely it does, but its not a requirement.


Both utilities work under the home version of windows and onboard intel graphics.  Do I recommend this, no.  You will be much happier with a dedicated GPU, but both apps will work fine without it, and under the home version of windows. 


Today I put 4.8.20 on machine 1.  Working perfectly with a small photo library of 1700 photos.  I applied a saved recipie and converted 25 full resolution RAW files to JPEG.  No issues. 


YMMV, but if you are experiencing issues, it is your hardware or environment, not the DPP software.



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Re: Windows 10 Version and DPP - Debunking The Misconception

Thanks, for the post.  I was not aware of an upgrade until you guys started making posts about it.  I agree with your conclusion that people who are experiencing issues with DPP should first take a critical look at their hardware.


I have been migrating my data to new network storage hardware, so I haven’t installed the upgrades, yet.  Thanks, to your post, I do not expect any issues.  I am running two gaming laptops with NVIDIA graphics cards, and DPP has no issues.  I can batch process several files per minute.  It is almost as fast as Adobe Lightroom, which is faster only because I use Smart Previews.


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Re: Windows 10 Version and DPP - Debunking The Misconception

The only speed issue I have noticed with 4.8.2 is it takes a bit longer when making NR changes to files, espescially when the lens optimizer is selected.  It isn't horrible but it is noticeable.  Batch processing is fast averaging around 6 seconds per file using full size RAW images from my 1DX M2.


Hopefully the NR lag (maybe 10-12 seconds to complete processing after making changes to see full updates once the main window has been chosen) will disappear when I upgrade from a Nvidia GTX 570 to a faster GPU.


The basic machine is very fast encluding video editing and the only odd lag I have noticed is with DPP but it certainly is very usable.



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