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Missing settings when using Remote live view shooting (Camera Connect app)


I have an ELPH190 / IXUS180 camera (wifi enabled), and an Android tablet with Camera connect installed.

I need to take pictures with a specific setting ("P" mode > Long shutter mode), to take a 10'' long exposure picture. Once I put this setting, I establish the connection but in the remote live view screen I can modify only a few settings (zoom, flash and timer) but I can't modify the shutter speed. This shouldn't be an issue if the camera would be able to at least preserve my previous setting (Long shutter mode/10''), but once connected to the app, the camera loses the previous setting and when I push the -virtual- shooting button in the live view screen, the shutter speed is automatically determined by the camera. Is there a solution for this?

I would be happy even if I can push the physical shooting button to start the long exposure picture (while looking at the remote live view in my tablet), but isn't working (seems like the physical screen and all buttons are disabled during the connection with the app).

As an additional solution (I have not tried yet), I could buy an external monitor to project the camera's screen using the AV output (and just ignoring the wifi function), and just pressing the physical button, but I don't know if this will work because (as far as I know) when you connect the camera to a monitor through AV you only can navigate the previousy taken photos but not use the monitor as a live view screen (for a non-DSLR device).


I know is a strange question, but I need to use the camera for an educational project and I want that the user only can interact with the camera through the tablet to take pictures (or, to only press the shooting button and check the picture through an external monitor).



I would appreciate any feedback on this... thanks in advance!

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Re: Missing settings when using Remote live view shooting (Camera Connect app)

Hi austrinus,


To work through this connection and see what options should be available for your model camera I recommend contacting our Technical Support Team HERE or at the link below.

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Re: Missing settings when using Remote live view shooting (Camera Connect app)

Hello William,

Thank you for your response. I will contact them as soon as possible.

Best regards,



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