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I've been playing with this new service for a few days now. Not sure if it is really ready for prime time at this point. I couldn't get very far, it appeared that the Web Service gateway was down, I was finially able to register my camera (5DM4), yesterday and was pleasently surprised that I was able to get images uploaded and automatically moved to my Google Drive.  The service advertises that all formats, including raw are supported. However when I tried to choose a raw file on the camera, it immediately says "This image cannot be sent", so at least for my camera it only seems to support jpegs. Not sure if this is a limitation of the Camera firmware, or an issue with the service itself. Canon announced the service availablitiy on 4/20 with no indication of beta level software release at this point, nor with any feature limitations. So I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or it just doesn't work yet or will never work with my model Camera. I realize pushing raw files through this service may sound pretty cool, but may not be practical. 


Anyone else tried this? 

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I tried it. First time I loggged on and selected the supported cameras tab the 1D X series cameras appeared. i selected 1D X since i had one with the WFT. Never linked to it. My new 1D X Mark III arrived the next day so I completed my sale of 1D X to someone.


Went back to link 1D X Mark III and no more 1D models show.


Also haven't been able to delete my 1 D X.


Agree it is not ready for prime time.

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I see that Canon announced that they made a mistake saying that all formats were supported. So my 5D mark 4 will not be able to send Raw images to and there's no indication this will be fixed, (sounds like a firmware update would be required).


Hard to believe something this significant was overlooked. 

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