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ITU popup message still stops all other work on iMac - but ITU has been deleted


Problem:  Popup window appears on Desktop, causing all work in any other non-Canon application to stop until popup message is acknowledged.  The popup window has the header "Image Transfer Utility".  The message: "Camera Web Link is not set up.  Set up Camera Web Link again."  See attached screenshot.  Popup is in upper right corner of screenshot.


Background:  Powershot ELPH 350 HS, purchased 2015.  Installed all associated Canon software supplied at the time:  CameraWindow, ImageBrowserEX, PhotoStitch, MapUtility, Image Transfer Utility, et al.  Fast forward to April 2020.  Per Canon website instructions, accessed (relatively) newly published  Then the troubles began.  I am using a 2009 iMac running Mac OS 10.10.5 Yosemite.  This Mac will handle OS 10.11.x, and that's it.  Cannot run 10.12 or beyond.  I have not upgraded to 10.11.x yet because of this and other unrelated issues.  I contacted Canon Tech Support by phone in April 2020.  The support dude advised me to delete ITU from MacIntosh HD, the main drive.  After completing the call, the issue persisted.  I then deleted all Powershot 350-associated Canon software, and securely emptied the Trash.  The issue persists.  In Finder, no Canon software can be found in This Computer, All My Files, MacIntosh HD, anywhere!  Yet I am still getting a popup from ITU.  And this occurs approximately every 15-30 minutes I am at this computer, whether on- or offline.  Whatever other application I am working in, I have to close the popup before I can return to the task at hand.  Imaginably quite frustrating.


Fix?  As far as I am concerned, Canon is responsible for creating this problem.  I followed instructions to upgrade to  I followed the advice of Canon Technical Support.  Still no resolution.  I want Canon to fix this.  And I refuse to pay for it.  But I am not up for a lesson in legal fine print.  Anyone have any ideas?  I will be grateful for any input.  Thanks.  -NKImage Transfer Utility popup msg.png

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