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Re: Good replacment for EOS Utility?

GreenTea13 wrote:

I downloaded (For Vista x64)


  • EOS Digital Solution Disk Software 29.0A for Windows (For users who cannot use the bundled CD)


It installed just fine but won't launch for some reason.


Then I tried to update it with this (from Windows 10 x64)


  • EOS Utility 2.14.20a Updater for Windows


Still won't launch.

The Solution Disk is probably out of date. But that doesn't matter; it's only a starting point. Once you've got the software installed, install the latest version of each program (DPP, EOSU, etc.) over the one from the Solution Disk.


Be sure to start by installing Version 3 of EOS Utility. It will install both Version 2 and Version 3, along with a control program that selects the correct one to run, depending on what camera it sees.

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Re: Good replacment for EOS Utility?

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Well, I have no idea why but when I tried to reinstall the Updater again the program suddenly works with no problems. (I think Avast was messing up the download, but I'm not sure)


umm, so problem solved

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Re: Good replacment for EOS Utility?

OK, after trying to figure out WHY EOS Utility was only running when it felt like I tried to turn AVAST off while running it and it works.


SO aparently AVAST (Avast is an Antivirus for anyone wondering) was casuing the problems. When ever I disable Avast EOS Utility launches without any problems, but when I still have Avast on it wont launch at all. I click it, it thinks for a second and then nothing. So yeah, if anyone else is having a similair problem try disabling your antivirus and see if that help.

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