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Eos Utility time lapse

I'm trying to use the eos utility to do a little time lapse photgraphy but it seems that the shortest time between photos I can set it to is 5 seconds. This is a little long for my purposes. Is there a way I can set the time to 1 or 2 seconds instead? I don't do enough time lapse to make it worth my while to purchase a intervalometer.

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Re: Eos Utility time lapse

Hi HowardLane!


Thanks for posting.


The shortest interval value that can be set is 5 seconds.  It can not be set any shorter than this.


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Re: Eos Utility time lapse

Can you ask the product team to decrease the minimum to one second instead?

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Re: Eos Utility time lapse

Which camera do you use?


In addition to a physical intervalometer, the Magic Lantern software might do what you want.  Magic Lantern is an open-source project -- this is not Canon software.  However, the firmware does not actually replace the Canon software.  It's installed on the memory card and the card is flagged as a "bootable" card.  The camera runs Magic Lantern off the card but the Magic Lantern software actually invokes Canon's built-in firmware to do everything (which is why it's critical that when you run Magic Lantern, you must have the EXACT version of Canon firmware installed that the Magic Lantern version is intended to work with.  It is not ok to have a newer version of firmware than they want on the camera.)


Magic Lantern does have a software-based intervalometer and can do time-lapse... but Magic Lantern is not available for all models.  


Also when shooting time lapse... don't forget to disable the power saving feature on the camera or it may shut down before you're done.



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Re: Eos Utility time lapse

Why don't you allow us to use interval shorter than 5 seconds? I am trying to use the EOS utility to do a time lapse too and I didn't want to use Magic Lantern, but Canon doen't give me any choices. I will have to use it

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