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EOS 5D Mark iv software

I have been practicing to shoot the Eclipse for two months now with my Canon EOS 5D Mark iv.  I have tried to use the access point in the Mark iv but have found it unreliable.  Part of the problem is that this access point supports the 802.11ac 2.4 ghz band but not the 5 ghz band which is faster and less crowded i.e. more reliable.  All of my equipment (Laptop, tablets, and smartphones (both Apple and Android) support both 802.11ac at 5 ghz except my camera.  I am using the Western Digital **bleep** Pro as an access point. to connect my camera and my Laptop, iPad, iPhone, and Android Asus Tablet.  I have tried Canon Software including EOS Utility and Cannon Connect to connect my camera to my devices.  Although I liked the user interface of EOS Utility, both software applications are lacking in functionality I would like to have and both are two slow in connection.

I have tried connecting by cable and purchased TetherTools 15-foot cable with PowerBoost and have found it to be very unreliable, disconnecting frequently particularly when shooting RAW (30 Mb)

My success in both reliability and functionality has been with my Android ASUS tablet and software called DSLRController.  Interface is a little clunky but I have found reliable connection and excellent functionality., including:

Auto and Manual focus

Auto Exposure Bracketing with multiple shots varying Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, and focus bracketing

HDR Capture

Time-lapse (with the possibility of bracketing)

Live View with 1x, 5x, and 10x for focusing

Histogram showing both luminosity and RGB channels

Drive settings

Exposure compensation including flash

White Balance

Bulb Capture

Video recording

Both JPEG and RAW support



DSLR Controller App cost is only $8 bucks.  Compare pricing to Canon WFT.  Canon should listen to professional photographers and give us the hardware and software we need at a reasonable price.


Kent Messamore

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