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EDSDK Handler for take pictures

I am trying to create a Program for my Canon EOS Rebel T7, but when I try to send the command EDSDK.EdsSendCommand(CamConn, EDSDK.CameraCommand_TakePicture, 0) the program returns the error EDS_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE, how I can add a proper Handle for taking pictures?




Print of code here

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Re: EDSDK Handler for take pictures

These forums are intended to provide support to end users of Canon products, not software developers.


I know nothing about the EOSDK, but I do know programming.  As far as your issues goes, I view it as similar to a car not running because you did not put gas in the tank.  You probably need to call GetHandle prior to making that method call.


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Re: EDSDK Handler for take pictures

And if you *did* call InitHandle or GetHandle or whatever it is called, you need to check to make sure you get a valid handle - probably anything but NULL - before you do any other calls.

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