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DPP4 version 4.8.30 raw conversion problem

Mostly I have no problem, everything works just fine, I have files from G16, 5D2, G1Xmk3 and all can be edited just as would be expected, I'm using a Dell PC and W7.

But today I stumbled upon something weird. I attempted to convert an image that was shot raw only no jpg. I wanted to create a jpg. The usual "convert and save" dialog screen appeared, because I want the jpg alongside the cr2 I leave the folder unchanged and save with the original IMG_XXXX identification but with .jpg suffix. I click the save button, the dialog disappears but the normal conversion display (horizontal green bars) does not appear. No jpg file is created, nothing. If I attempt to repeat the process something different happens, it throws up a message about duplicate filenames not being allowed, which implies that some part of the system thinks the jpg was created when in fact it wasn't created.

This crazy behavior is repeatable with any image that was shot cr2 only, no jpg. I have shut down and rebooted DPP4 but the problem persists.


Looking for clues.

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Re: DPP4 version 4.8.30 raw conversion problem



There have been a lot of updates to DPP and the current version is 4.10.40 so I would start by updating. 


I remember a lot of glitches with DPP since I first started using it with a 1D Mark II back in 2005 and a bunch of versions had significant issues.  Microsoft just rolled out a major security update to all of the currently supported systems over the past 10 days (includes your Win 7 system) so it is possible something in the latest OS update is causing an issue with your older version of DPP.



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Re: DPP4 version 4.8.30 raw conversion problem

Thank you. It is now a few days later and when I repeat the JPG creation step that previously failed the process now completes as usual!!!!!!!!!!! Possibly in the meantime the PC has been rebooted, I can think of no other explanation. Weird.

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