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DPP 4 editing

I have been using DPP4 and saved a picture I had edited in the program as a TIF file.

I then decided to go back in and edit the same save picture further in the same program but am unable to do so. Is this not possible or what am I missing? It brings up the picture but I can't do any editing. I took the picture with a Canon 6D Mark II.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: DPP 4 editing



Bring up your original RAW file which will have your most recent edits (if you exited DPP normally and allowed it to save).  DPP is primarily a RAW file editor and provides tremendous ability to make changes with those files while preserving the original file intact with your edits to it saved as history but not as a change to the underlying file.


Once you convert to a TIF, the DPP RAW tools won't work with the converted file which is why you always want to use the RAW file.  I always create a subdirectory to store converted files under the RAW file directory to keep things organized and when I do additional edits I open the RAW file directory and not the sub.



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Re: DPP 4 editing

While the following doesn't involve DPP, here's what I do with Adobe products to allow the maximum flexibility in editing.


I shoot in RAW and import into Lightroom.  For the vast majority of images, I just use Lightroom to do adjustments.  This is also non-destructive, since as with DPP, the edits are not made to the original file.  They are saved to separate "instructions".


But for cases where I want to take edits further, I use the Edit In | Open as Smart Object in Photoshop command from within Lightroom.   This gives you a primary layer in the Photoshop document such that you can make RAW adjustments to it at any time.  And, in a non-destructive manner.


Any other layers I add to the document, I try to also always do non-destructively as well.  You can save and close the file within Photoshop at any time.  Lightroom is updated with another copy of the image that now represents the Photoshop version.  Double-clicking on that will re-open in Photoshop for future edits to that file.

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Re: DPP 4 editing

"While the following doesn't involve DPP, here's what I do with Adobe products..."


I do exactly the same. Smiley Happy  And you expose one of the main reasons to not use DPP4.  However, keep in mind most edits done in PS are destructive.  Always make use of layers and masks for anything you can.

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