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Crash Digital Photo Professional with Raw

I use Canon Digital Photo Professional, when i open jpeg file is all ok, if i enter raw directory / try to pen a raw file the software always crash.

I have download and install the last version of DPP, install new graphics driver, i have Windows 10 64 bit and all others software (i use Photoshop too) is ok.

Any suggestion ?


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Re: Crash Digital Photo Professional with Raw

How much RAM do you have?  Which camera are you using, and how large are the RAW files?


Canon's DPP can be slow at times.  Have you noticed the little spinning icon in the lower right corner of images?  That is an indication that the application is busy processing the image in some way.  Wait until it goes away before you start making edits.


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Re: Crash Digital Photo Professional with Raw

I had very similar issue while running dppw4.9.20 on my old Windows 7 64bit desktop computer.

I Had the crash on preview with several Raw files, coming from EOS M6 and sized between 29.2Mb and 34.6Mb 

I tried to download the suggested update dppw4.10.0, same results.


After some attempts I got it sorted out by uninstalling completely DPP and installing an older version, 4.7.21, same I used without issue on raw coming from a different camera, powershot G3x for years.

The old box has 12GB RAM, Quadcore Phenom@3.2Ghz, Nvidia 9600GT 1Gb VideoRam, the only slowness I see is when I open the app...

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Re: Crash Digital Photo Professional with Raw

"...all others software (i use Photoshop too) is ok."


Sounds like the solution is use PS.

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Re: Crash Digital Photo Professional with Raw

[ Edited ]

DPP has a great RAW converter for Canon cameras and generally does stuff pretty well but it still has some glitches.  Sunday morning I was processing a bunch of photos I took at a soccer tournament over the weekend and a couple of times DPP exited claiming it was out of RAM.  This is running on a HP Z820 workstation under Win 10 Pro 64 with dual processors, 128 GB of RAM, and 6 GB of video RAM on a RTX 2060 Nvidia card. 


The out of memory error was occuring with less than 5% of system memory in use and I am sure that if I loaded the system with the maximum 512 GB of RAM it can hold this error would still occur.  It only occurs when digital lens optimization is used followed by auto gamma.  This error doesn't occur frequently and I couldn't discern any pattern but it is definitely annoying. 


I left the system monitor running to catch what was happening when this error occurs and processor loading never goes above 15% (usually hanging under 10% while processing the image) either for the CPUs or the GPUs so it isn't a system load issue but some glitch within DPP.



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