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Re: Alternative to Lightroom

I tried DxO because of its reported excellent noise reduction algorithm but I didn't care for its user interface.  Probably it is fine if you aren't already very used to a couple of other packages. I didn't find the noise cleaning to be anything special but it likely varies by camera body and shooting conditions.


I use Adobe but I have never cared for the company's behavior even going back to their PDF fame days and the cloud model/rental software is a pain.  They will retain the professional market but it will be interesting to see if their revenue stream continues to match their perceived industry power position as they continue to irritate their user base.  It is tthe same model that a lot of industry leaders have chosen (i.e. Microsoft 365) but it will probably just hasten the rise of competition which is fine.


DPP will meet the needs of most users who aren't tied to a specific rapid workflow environment.  Although it has issues it has improved markedly over the years.  One really annoying glitch that showed up a few versions ago and remains still is when you select all and apply a recipe AND then select another image for editing the current DPP will always open the last RAW image in the directory instead of the one you selected.  After that first glitch it works fine but it is an annoyance that needs fixing.  DPP also needs a machine with a lot of processing power and memory, Adobe works better with a lot of horsepower also but it apparently is more usable on slower setups.



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Re: Alternative to Lightroom

"They will retain the professional market but it will be interesting to see if their revenue stream continues ..."


Adobe is up about 14% this year alone and somewhere around 200% since they went subscription.  It is listed as a buy by Wall Street.  It appears like their "revenue stream continues" for the foreseeable future.


"They will retain the professional market but ..."


There is no 'but', PS and LR have no competition in the professional world. I love PS and LR, I don't like Adobe at all. 

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