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National Camera Day 2016


Today, is the day, national camera day 2016.  Today is the day to snap a photo of your everyday life and share it.  My everyday life is a lot of face time staring at traffic through my windshield.  Boring.  Here's a flower from my front yard.







"The right mouse button is your friend."


Didn't realize it's National Camera Day today :).  I need to take a photo today I guess. Will post later.

Diverhank's photos on Flickr

me too. ...  I'm having technical difficulties at the moment, as soon as I figure it out, I'll send.  Right now it's telling me that the files are too large to send (same as I've always done raw+J.)  Not sure if it's the computer or the camera.  (it couldn't be me....) just kidding

I dl them to the computer, and can't even see them unless I select "all files" in the area where they get stored.  I guess I am in need of some lessons or something.  I feel so lost sometimes when things don't go right.  I think it's the same problem w/ the last bunch of photos I took.  So I reset the camera and will try again tomorrow,  Hope it works.  My friend did drop it on the grass last weekend, hope that didn't screw it up.


When you send your pic, send one of yourself so we can see what you look like. (if ya want)



Not sure I shot this on that exact day, but I was working a gig for Expedia and caught this shot within a day or two of that date. Is that close enough????? Anyway, it was a fun shoot, the little guys kept reaching down and pulling my hair, holding my hand, or touching the camera. 5D Mark 3, 135mm.



Posted a day late SX520HS


"The right mouse button is your friend."