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Bald Eagles visiting

Took these pics this past Saturday at Lake Cheney just west of Wichita, KS.IMG_1440.JPGIMG_1433.JPG



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Re: Bald Eagles visiting

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Great efforts!  Bald eagles are such majestic birds and they are a joy just to watch.


I see you were using the T5 or T5i, but what lens or lenses were you using for these captures? I suspect they have been fairly heavily cropped.  Didn't you get a Canon 80D recently to replace your T5 - how did that go?


I find it always helpful when I publish images to give the info from the EXIF such as camera, lens, focal lenght, shutter speed, f-stop and ISO.

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Re: Bald Eagles visiting

Thank you.  Yes I did just purchase a refurb D80.  The lens I use is a:  Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 L IS USM Zoom Lens. 


So I do have a good lens, cost quite a bit more than I paid for my Rebel. And yes these pics were cropped but I still had to resize them quit a bit to load them.  So they lost a little quality in the transition.


I was stuggling getting focused pics of the Eagles in flight, hoping my new D80 does a better job.  I have taken several stills and various focus settings.  The D80 has so many options, from 45 pt, zone to 1 pt focus.  Trying to determine, which setting is best for each pic.  The beauty of a digital, is you just take a ton of pics and keep the good ones. I recently took an awesome pic of a Northern Cardinal.  Very clear and detailed.


Any tips and suggestions are always welcome.



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