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imageFORMULA DR-G2090 Lost pages when scanning with Capture On Touch V4 Pro


Sometimes when you choose to scan more pages with capture on touch all previous pages is lost.

the thumbnails appear in the left bar current page will show the right number but will show the incorrect total pages and trying to preview previous pages will not load. If you try to save all previous pages after this happens all previous pages will not save.

Using a cannon DR-G2090 with the driver version 1.2.7601 and version 4.2.2519 of CaptureOnTouch V4 Pro.

User frequently needs to change the scanning settings on a per page basis to improve readability switching between grayscale, color and black and white as well as alter brightness on the fly.

She has been using the program like this for nearly a year. this has never happened before and happened twice today. This represents hours of lost work. If anyone has seen this before please help.



am attempting an upgrade of the version of Capture on touch seeing as how we seem to be up to 4.5 now.

Will post results