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Canon 9000F Mark II Scanner Driver Can't See Scanner


I have a computer running Windows 11 ver 22H2. I download the 9000F MarkII Scanner Driver Ver. 1.02 (Windows) from Under the "More download info" link it says support for Windows 11 was added. I also tried using the 1.00 version with the same conclusion.

However, when I install the driver, using the instructions provided the driver never finishes because it doesn't ever find the scanner.

The scanner shows in Windows device Manager, so it's communicating with the computer. In addition I installed VueScan to test and the scanner, and the scanner works perfectly with Vuescan. This means there's not a faulty port, not a faulty cable, and Windows is able to see the scanner. There appears to be an issue with the Canon driver.

I'd greatly appreciate any help getting this running.

Best Regards,