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XF605 Blank Screen When Turned On


Hello, I was preparing for several shoots I have coming up and when I turned on my XF605, the camera was on but the screen was blank. I tried the menu button and several others and it was still blank. Finally I turned it off and back on again and it was back to normal. So this has me a bit concerned. It is working fine now, is still under warranty and in great condition though a main camera for the events we have coming up.

I'm hoping that last time in use that maybe I disengaged the battery before shutting the camera off and this could have caused it to act this way when turning back on.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know what would cause this? 

It happened again. Just got back from an event shoot and went to format new cards for an all day event tomorrow. Camera came on fine but when I shut it down to change cards, turned it on and the screen was blank. No info or through view finder. Hit Media button, nothing. So turned it off and back on again and it’s fine. Am I not flipping the on switch all the way or something. Paid 4 and 1/4 G for this camera and really like it because it has the same menu and uses same batteries as my C70. Also has become my main event work horse. 
I guess all call Canon on Monday. 





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