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XC10 Issues with Canon Log and oversaturation


Hello all,

I'm a hobbyist of about five years or so with cinema cameras.  Prior to that photography and baked look video.  Picked up a used XC10 a bit ago and am using it as a "C" Roll walk about camera.  I use Davinci Resolve which does not recognize C-log via color management.  I am using the DR included input color space lut as I find C-log difficult to expand to linear manually.  From what I perceive, the lut does a nice job of expanding the luma but over-saturates the image.  Is this normal for this workflow or am I doing something wrong?  I use DR color management with DR wide gamut intermediate resolved to Rec.709 2.4.  I shoot C-log at 305mb/s.  As a side note, I do not consider this a complaint as I can color match very well to C200 footage.  


Rising Star
Rising Star

Hobbyist here as well. I too, shoot C-log but usually grade manually. Instead of using the Input Color Space LUT, try right clicking on the clip or clips in the Media Pool, click on LUT, and choose Canon Log to Rec 709. The result you get is very dependent on the exposure and white balance of the video but I've not had over saturated color doing this. It does give you a starting point for color correction.

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Thank you for commenting!  

I will definitely try that.  Most likely over time I'll settle on one of the approaches.  I've used both the standard correction wheels and the log correction wheels and the result is quite different although with tweaking I can make them match.  I can get a "good look" using any method but I can't help but wonder what the properly corrected luma curve really looks like, lol. As you noted exposure makes a huge difference.  I did a series of shots yesterday that forced me to expose pretty far the the right and the gama curve looked much more realistic.  With the C200 using Raw light and D-log DR produces a nice linear luma curve with a somewhat flat gama curve with color management.  All part of the fun of learning a new camera I guess.  


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