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Streaming/Webcam with the R5C


Hey, everyone!  New to this community, and I'm already asking for help.  I just got my R5C, and I was hoping to use it as a webcam.  I downloaded the software for the normal R5 since there wasn't an R5C option available.  It didn't work.  Am I missing something dumb?  Or do I just need to wait until Canon adds that to the list of camera that are webcam utility available?  I appreciate any advice on this.  Thanks!



If you have the EOS Utility installed (running in your system tray) it will keep the Webcam Utility from functioning properly.  If open, try closing it.  

It might just be a matter of waiting for Canon to update the Utility as you said.  In addition, I'd contact support to make a feature request.


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Canon support got back to me super fast. I figured I’d have to wait a few days to hear back. But it sounds like the utility software is already loaded on the camera. Just have to change the USB settings on the camera menu, plug it into the computer, and it’s ready to go. Pretty sweet, actually. Should have spent more time reading the manual. Gonna do that tomorrow. 
Thanks for your prompt reply!

Are you able to get full 8K resolution from the Webcam output?  If not, what is the maximum resolution as a webcam and what kind of latency are you seeing?