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Need C200 'Settings Memory', and other niggles...


I've been scouring reviews, and I have to ask, why is NOBODY mentioning what a pain the C200 is when changing settings? Switching between formats (RAW/MP4/100fps), I need to check frame rates (RAW will default to 50fps every time) and resolution (going from 100fps to RAW will default to 1920x1080), then adjust my shutter rate, relative exposure, and native ISO in certain circumstances. Oh, for a simple 1/2 'settings memory', as on my A7SII! Or a whole bank of customisable settings presets, recorded to 'My Menu' and accessible via a customised button. Picture it... 'Tung 50P RAW 1/100', 'Day 25P MP4 1/50', etc...


I made the suggestion to Canon, and their response was to save settings to the memory card. This is designed for transferring settings to another camera, you can only save one set, and it restarts the **bleep** thing. Not a solution! Do the 'experts at Canon' not know their own cameras?


Also: (a) Why isn't FUNC accessible by clicking the nipple, as on the C100? My one customisable button on the handgrip is now set to FUNC, so where's left for my beloved One Touch AF? (b) Why did they make it such that the top handle prevents the viewfinder from angling vertically? I love to 'look down' on my subjects, and having to hold the camera that little bit higher when using the VF is an arm-killer!



Hello Bersgard, 

Design and functionality decisions are made by our corporate offices in Japan.  We do take and use the input from our customers and members however when it comes to often requested features.  We apologize if some of the functions on the EOS C200 are not situated in such a way which makes them easy to change.  

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I have just purchased a C200 for Documentary work. I had intended to use the onboard Raw settings. I'm absolutely flabergasted that I dont seem able to switch between frame rates without going into the menu. I bought this camera for its autofocus capability mainly but need to be able to respond to changes in the environment immediately. I previously shot a Doc in Africa with a GH5. That at least can at a flick of a switch change from 25 fps to 50 fps and any other settings you program to the switch. Why cant this beast of a camera do that. 

I've only had it 2 days but I'm considering taking a hit and selling it. its no good if it cant respond quickly. 

I had considered the panasonic EV1. well may just get one. very disapointed. 


I defies me to think that nobody thought of this as a crucial piece of functionality. I only had to shoot with the camera for an hour or so before the shortcomings became painfully apparent. Canon seem happy to watch their ideas get adopted by the competition, but unwilling to respond to their competitors when they forge ahead of canon in their product development. I can only pray some form of improvement on the current functionality is being developed for future firmware updates. It would go some small way towards placating customers who are already mightily disappointed with the lack of a 10-bit codec. Because sooner or later it will just start to look like wilful negligence or outright pigheadedness!


 I can only pray some form of improvement on the current functionality McDVOICE is being developed for future firmware updates.

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