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Filttration for the Canon R5 C


My company just purchased a pair of R5 C cameras. We work in the desert, where it's dusty; we also work underground in a mine with salt-laden air. In video mode, when the fan is running, how sensitive is the camera going to be to dust/salt and what is recommended in terms of cleaning (canned air?) or protection (foam, old nylons, etc. Thanks.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi NuclearSalt,

We do not make a filter for the EOS R5 C fan through Canon, so there isn't a specific one we could recommend. In environments like the ones you are shooting in we would recommend regularly using a microfiber cloth and rocket blower to remove dust/salt from the camera body. Blowing it out of the fan regularly will help as well. If sand or salt got into the camera body we would recommend sending the camera in for repair to get it out. That would be especially important for salt because sometimes salts can start causing corrosion in the camera body.


I was never looking for a filtering option as much as a protective skin.  They really compliment a body scratch and bump resistance.  Great for dusty environments too.  If you haven't purchased Care-Paks for these body's - I suggest you do so now.  Considering the mildly hostile and potentially corrosive environments you will be operating in, they will more than pay for themselves.  Care Paks are excellent for these types of use cases.  They even cover full submersion in water.  You'll be able to get free cleanings once a year and have the peace of mind for repair covered. 

I don't usually recommend warranties, but cameras do not sit safely in our homes.  They get used, frequently handled, etc and sometimes in questionable places.  Things happen.

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