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Exposing for Clog / Clog 2 / Clog 3


Hi, I am a cinematographer from chennai and I am going to shoot a documentary with Canon C300 Mark II


I have 2 primary questions


How do I expose for Clog ?, should I overexpose by 1 or 2 stops like with do on the Sony Slog2/Slog3 for lesser noise in the shadow region or do I just expose for optimal levels on the waveform monitor ?


Is the there a huge color difference between RGB 444 12bit and Ycbcr 422 10bit , ofcourse the best way to find out is to do the test myself but I am in a time crunch and I would like see what the pro users say, so that I can have that in mind while I am making my test.


Thank you,

Srinivasan Venkatesh

Filmaker | DP | Director


You expose Log 2 so that the 18% gray card reads as ~40 IRE and you expose lLog 3 so that it reads ~35. The Canon white paper has more specifics.