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Turning off color managment in Canon Pro-10 printer driver




I am using Lightroom 5 to print to a Canon Pro-10 printer. How do I disable the color management in the printer driver. I have selected the appropriate canon PRO-10 profile in Lightroom and it says to turn off color management in the printer driver dialogue box but I don't see where / what to do



OK let's see how my feeble memory is.  First this setting can be done outside of LR.  

Canon My Printer icon

 Printer Settings





       None  Smiley Happy


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thanks I did that, but its not helping my situation, so maybe it is something else. I am printing from Lightroom to canon pro-10 printer. I have checked the preview to display before printing..The preview is much more saturated with color than the version in lightroom. If I print, the print matches the saturated version in the preview.  So... how do I get the version displaying in Lightroom to match the preview version.  I thought it was because the color management hadn't been turned off but following the directions you gave me didn't affect the preview at all.

I don't think you can!  Just go by Lightroom or Photoshop and forget the Canon preview.


It is essential you get some settings on your monitor that somewhat matches what the printer is printing.  Your printer may be doing exactly what you are telling it to do and you have no idea it is, because your monitor is off.  If you don't do this step, you can forget other steps.  However, there are only a few things that you need to be concerned with.  You don't need any fancy extra add-ons to do this.  No additional sortware or gadgets, etc.

But you must get the grey-scale very close.  You need to get the brightness very close and you need the contrast very close.

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my monitor has been calibrated and if I print elsewhere they look like what I see on my monitor in lightroom. However what gets printed on the canon pro 10 from lightroom is way off from what I see in lightroom and what gets printed if I send it out.  I just tried to print the jpg versions from windows (not lightroom) and it looks like it should so it must be something going from lightroom to the printer that is mucking with the color. 🙂

"my monitor has been calibrated"


I hear this all the time.  It is the main reason I don't like all the calibration gadgets out there.  You need to "calibrate" your monitor to what your printer is printing.  Not some spec some gadget thinks it should be.


You need to know what the bias of the printer is.  In this case Canon has put a reddish bias in it's printers to simulate a warm look.  This condition will not be accounted for in calibration software or monkeys.


Get your brightness, contrast and grey-scale right and the rest will take care of itself.  You can do the necessary corrections in LR to make up for, or leave as is, the warm tone from the printer.


BTW, you should be working in AdobeRGB or higher.  Factoid, you can not get every color to match.  This is not possibile.  You are dealing with two completely different mediums.  Light and dyes.  Adjusting any color effects other colors as well.

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