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Trying to get Pro-10 XPS driver to work with Lightroom 5.2

I haven't been able to get the color balance to look anywhere close to correct when I try to print from lightroom. Everything is beautiful when I print from print studio pro.


My guess is that the ICC profile is bieng used twice when I try to print from Lightroom.


I went into the xps driver and set it up  for none in the color management. 

In Lightroom, I have the paper set to canon luster and the printer set to auto.  


Does someone have a step by step procedure to set up the system so that it can use ICC profiles?  The abbreviated notes in the setup procedure are not sufficient.


I installed the newest software using the mini setup program.  I downloaded all of the drivers and the setup program to a folder and then ran it.  I did have the cd in the computer but, it didn't appear to spin up.


Such lovely prints on luster and platinum!  Next I want to use polar pearl metallic but, I think that I should be able to print directly from Lightroom before I try that.  Also, the monitor is calibrated by colormunki.


The prints from print studio pro are spot on to th emonitor.  The prints from lightroom are very red and darker.


Ideas - this can't be a new topic but, I couldn't find a resolution.

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Re: Trying to get Pro-10 XPS driver to work with Lightroom 5.2

I suspect you are missing the highlighted box in Lightroom.

Explore this set of adjustments. It will allow you to change profiles and other stuff.


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Re: Trying to get Pro-10 XPS driver to work with Lightroom 5.2

I found that everything worked correctly after I turned preview off in the driver setting screen.

To all, thanks for the help
This printer makes such great pictures that it is worth the effort to get it to work correctly
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