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Pro-100 color management

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New windows computer.  New drivers loaded and reloaded for Pro-100 and Pro-100 XPS. Pro-100 is connected by USB.  Windows color management for both Pro-100 and XPS drivers is set to Automatic (Recommended).

Monitor is calibrated


Actual print matches Photoshop on display, but PRO-100 Preview is very saturated.


Printing from Photoshop with Print Settings including  Color matching set to None and Preview Before Printing checked.

Printer profile is Canon PRO-100 <MP> Matte Photo Paper.

When Photoshop Manages Colors, colors on the Photoshop print screen look OK, but the Print preview screen colors are very over-saturated, as if ICC has been applied twice.

When Printer Manages Colors, the Print Preview screen matches the Photoshop print screen and the Photosho workspace.


On my prior PC, I had this problem but found it was related to not having Windows color management set to Automatic.

Today, my old PC does not show this problem with identical settings to above.


On Control Panel Devices and printers, the Pro-100 shows as as Canon PRO-100 series. Both drivers show up when I click on Printer Properties.  On the old PC it shows as Canon PRO-100 series XPS; only the XPS  driver shows up under printer properties.


Where can this apparent ICC doubling be originating?

Sure appreciate some Sherlock Holmes work on this by somebody.

Richard Knudson

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Re: Pro-100 color management

Are your images printing correctly?


I never use the printer preview. I have seen postings on web where preview looks off and when preview is activated then the output sometimes looks off.


Since you have a profiled monitor download and print this test image:


Don't make any adjustments to it; just select your printer settings and print.


If the output matches your monitor you should be good to go.


Edit - I just tried using the preview function. My prints are always right on; preview looks as you are describing.  Since my prints always reflect my monitor I see no need to preview.


Annotation 2019-09-17 162730.jpg



John Hoffman
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Re: Pro-100 color management

Thanks John. That is the test image I use and it prints fine. So I am good to go.
Strange how all ok on my old pc setup. Of I get any clues as I tinker a bit I will let you know
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