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Pixma Pro 100 : Unable to print 13x19" from Apple Macbook Pro


I've got the latest drivers and firmware.

Primarily attempting to print from Apple Aperture; A3 and A3 borderless work fine, but neither use the available space on my 13x19" paper.

Any custom settings for 13x19" result in either A) 3x5 print on 13x19 paper, or B) out of paper alert (1006?).


I also tried printing from adobe photoshop elements 6; there was a "super B" paper size here, but again the prints either printed borderless 13x19" but with poor random cropping, or I got the no paper error, depending on settings. Same results when printing from Apple Preview.

So far the largest print size I've gotten successfully is 11.6x16.6" using A3 borderless.


How can I get a 13x19" print or largest size? Thanks


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Product Expert



To print on 13"x19" sized paper, please select the 'A3+" paper size.  The normal '"A3" size is meant for 11"x17" sized paper.


If additional assistance is needed, feel free to call us at 1-800-OKCANON.

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I just purchased a Pro-100 (my third Canon wide-format printer in a row) and the A3+ paper option does not show up in the print driver, nor is it available from Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. I'm on a Mac running Mountain Lion (10.8.5). A3 is the biggest size that shows in any of the dialogs. How do I get the A3+ option to appear?


FYI, A3 is not 11"x17". It is 11.69" x 16.54. not quite the same thing.

The fix for mine was to go into system preferences, printers & scanners, then remove all references to the Canon printer. This also removed the apple drivers.

Then, download all drivers from Canon's site to your desktop.

Then in the printers & faxes pane, click plus, and select the printer from there- you may need to select the drivers on your desktop. Somehow this forced install of the canon drivers over the apple drivers, which seem to get priority otherwise.

After doing this, the A3+ paper size appeared in my apps as an option for the Pixma pro 100, and I had the utilities tab appear for this printer in the control panel.

I called Canon tech support to figure this out, they were quite helpful.

Thanks for the information. I tried removing it in System Preferences and then reinstalling it. That made A3+ appear in the print dialog, although it still doesn't show up as a document size in Illustrator or InDesign, which it did with my old i9900. I can work around that as long as I can print to the correct size. I tried deleting Illustrator/InDesign preferences, but it didn't help.

I have printed true borderless 19X13, but for the past month or so I have not been able to; no matter what I do there is either a 1/10" margin at the top or a 1/8" margin top and bottom.  On a MacBook Pro, OSx10.9.3, Nikon Capture NX2.


Well, I think I've the solution to my problem--printing from Nikon Capture NX2:  on the first printing screen ("Print Layout") select "Crop photos to fit" and unselect "use output resolution". Works like a charm-everytime.


This is something new that is either forced on us by the new NX2 version (2.4.7) or by Mavericks (OS 10.9.3).


I am currently unable to print A3+ using iPhoto 9.5 in any mac.  The option for A3+ is not available in the print dialog, nor in the printer preferences.  I have tried uninstalling and installing the driver twice already and no luck. I can select Super B/A3 size under "Printers & Scanners" in System Preferences, but there is no option for this paper size in the iPhoto dialog or once the printer is ready to start.

My new Cannon Pro-100 cannot print on 13x19 paper from any mac program. There is no selection for A3+, and when making a custom paper size it gives me a paper load error every time. 


Any other tips? The only way I can print on 13x19" paper is by using the nearest default paper size (tabloid) which clearly is not a solution. 


Thank you for your help anyone!!!


In the System Preferences window click on Printers & Scneers and make sure you have the Canon IJ printer version installed and not the Bonjour version.


The Bonjour version driver doesn't access all of the printer options.

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