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Photoshop Elements or Studio Pro color management


I am having so much trouble getting quality prints from the Pro 100.  My inexpensive TS6120 is producing a much better quality print.  What I've tried:

setting ICC profiles

using Canon photo paper

disabling printer color management and letting Photoshop E manage color

calibrating the monitor


My photos look washed out on the Pro 100, but they're close to perfect on the TS6120 ( no matter what paper I use). What am I doing wrong?  Is there a You Tube series showing how to produce quality photos on the Pro 100?  I've spent hours trying to get the prints right.  That's not how I want to spend my time.  


I bought the Pro because I wanted to scrapbook.  Now I'm wondering if I've wasted all that money on this printer.  Shouldn't color management be easier to do?  Is there another less expensive printer that would print very good 12x12 photo pages?  Does anybody want to buy a Pro 100 -- very cheap?

Should I (gasp) buy an Epson wide format?




Wow, that's a tough question. Can't rule out something wrong with your Pro-100. Mine does quite well printing what I see on the screen. Your question requires more information.


This will require some thought, work and time. But, it could offer your readers some info to think about. Can you somehow provide step-by-step screen prints of what you do to print a photo? Resize them down to about 4-5" widths. Something else I thought of was did the printer get setup as a Pro-100 XPS or Pro-100 WS or plain Jane Pro-100? I forgot why I chose "XPS".


What version of Photoshop Elements are you using? I haven't used my PSE 15 since 2 years ago. I have PS CS6.


Are you using genuine Canon inks or third party? There are very few 3rd party inks that are excellent choices. There reviews would say so. If you are using the "starter" inks that came with your printer, I have read that they are the regular size tanks that you would get if you bought them separately. But, how old were they?  Buying inks from reputable vendors? There are some fraudulent inks selling out there on the internet that look exactly like the real McCoy. They can contribute to clogged ink jets. Dealt with that on an Epson R1800 years ago. Buying from reputable stores almost guarantees getting the freshest or recently manufactured inks that don't sit on the shelf for months or even years.


For some suspect printing projects, I print a very small image on similar but smaller-sized (4X6) paper to view the results.That is, before committing to wasting a large amount of ink and paper. If all I got is large paper, I print in a corner, and if satisfied I do the final printing. Keep the sample print for re-use later, but in another area of the paper.


Though more expense was involved, both my printer and my monitor are matched calibrated with Xrite Colormunki. I learned the printing basics from the Red River Papers Resources tab. They offer step-by-step instructions for the Photoshop Elements. Even ICC profiles. RRP includes helps, hints, tips for Epson, Canon, HP. Regarding youtube, I gathered a little more knowledge from a printer techie named Jose Rodriguez. I don't ever leave the printer on for longer than I need to print anything. I do "excercise" once a month by printing a 4x6.


If your problem cannot be solved, then yes, return to the TS6120, and put up for sale the Pro-100.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi stringz,


It is recommended that you contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:

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Are you usinga Windows comuter or a Mac?


From your subject title I am assuming you have Canon Print Studio Pro installed - lets use that to print with.


Download the test image from this site:


Open the image in Photoshop Elements. Do not make any adjustments to the image, regardless of how it looks on your monitor.


Using PSP, do the following:


1. select your printer (yellow arrow); be sure it says IJ series


2. select your paper type, size and where you will feed it (green arrows)


3. set your color management (red arrows). Since you are using Canon paper ICC and Auto is appropriate. If you were using third party papers you would pick the actual ICC profile rather than Auto. (If you mouse-over Auto you will see the Canon ICC profile that PSP is selecting).


Print the image. Report back. How does it look? It should be an excellent print. If not, there is a printer problem you need to address.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic