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PRO-4000 Purging Job Queue on Restart


Anyone know if there's a way to stop the waiting print jobs from being cleared when the printer power cycles? We have had, on occasion, a couple of errors which required a restart and after which, all pending print jobs are lost. This can be tricky to manage with our automated print submission system as we need to painstakingly work out what has actually printed, what was waiting and what hasn't been sent yet.


I have switched on the "Save first and print" setting under "Hard disk settings" but this doesn't appear to do what we want, or at least, I can't find where they are being saved. Any help would be appreciated.


As a side note, the error we are experiencing is EC17-2024(4801). The manual gives no indication as to what this might be, although I have narrowed it down as something to do with when the printer automatically switches to the second roll unit. Removing and reloading that roll stops the problem reoccuring.



John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, MX472, LR Classic

Thank you, John!


Canon ImagePROGRAF TA-30 Purg Unit code EC31-2F1C (4801) What i did to solve this problem or error is that i remove the ink cartridges from the printer then i put it on and it reset and ask to replace the ink cartridges and error code disappear.


I think this happens sometimes when your MBK/BK or your other inks go to low when purging and air get in or something like that so you may have to try the above step.


At first i was trying it as the service manual said, but didn't work for me.


I hope this might help some with this problem.