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Mail In Rebate Never Showed Up - Finding Support Has Been Near Impossible


So I'm having one heck of a time trying to get a hold of someone about a mail rebate for a Pixma Pro-100. The ABCCoop confirmed that they sent it to the correct address, but I'm guessing it was either misdelivered, stolen, or lost in the mail.


Regardless of what happened to it, I don't have it and having just lost my job due to COVID, I'd really like to have it. I’m walking a thin line right now, and it would help. That rebate is groceries. That rebate is a portion of rent. That rebate will help tide me over until unemployment processes or I find a new job.


I tried the phone number, and waited my 45+ minutes to talk to someone, as soon as I was connected (so I think?) I was hung up on/disconnected/something. So I tried email, filled out all of the details of my rebate form, dates, serial number, and my situation. I go to submit the form, annnnd it doesn't work.


I come here to find that the form hasn't worked for a long time because they have discontinued the email support for the Pixma Pro series. What cruelty is this, Canon? Don't you have web developers? Can they not fix this email form thing and actually disable it so that I and others trying to find a glimmer of hope that we don't have to sit in the purgatory of Canon phone tree limbo? Don't give us that hope, and then silently take it away. You toy with us, Canon.


No email support explains my super long wait times, no email support means everyone has to call. No email support means that they can hear your suffering over the phone.


"This call may be recorded for quality purposes".


I know I'm not the only one in Canon support limbo. Is this hell? It might be. I always thought hell would be like the DMV. No, no. It's trying to find someone at Canon to help you, or just tell you IF they can help you. You wait on hold, only to have to call, again and again. Forever. 


Yes, this is hell.


So here I am in tears because I'm so frustrated. I just want to know if someone in Canon can help me get my rebate. If they can't, ok. I'll move on and count that loss. That's fine. Whatever. I mean it's the whole reason why I bought that particular printer and I'll probably hold a grudge about it indefinitely. But at this point I just want to have access to someone to tell me I'm out of luck so I don't have to spend 45+ minutes waiting on hold.


Don't even get me started on the actual printer. I think I can safely say that as much as I used to love Canon's products, this has been a bad enough experience for me to sour on the brand all together. I'm so disappointed. Canon, you've broken me. All of those hours of research to lead me here, screaming into the void of the Canon community forum. Where have I gone wrong in my life? Oh yeah, I bought a Canon printer. That's where.


So what do you think, denizens of the Canon forum void? Should I cut my losses or try the phone roulette again?



Hi!  Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  We've forwarded your information to our administrative support team, a member of which should be in contact with you via email in the coming days.


We look forward to working with you!