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Do I leave my Pixma Pro 100 on if Its not in use?

I've heard conflicting advice regarding whether to leave the printer on or turn it off after you're done printing.


  • I've heard turn it off or it dries out the ink faster.


  • I've also heard definitely leave it on, if turned off it will have to recalibrate and run through a cycle once powered back up and that uses up your ink.

I'm aware of the Energy Saving Settings that power off the printer after a period of time.


My question is... is there any validity to either of the bullet points shared? I know many others that have purchased this Pro 100 and other printers in the Canon line are wanting to know as well. 


Thank you in advance.


~On a side note I adore this printer, professional quality prints, quick print time and a minimal amount of noise emitted when printing. Very satisfied!

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Re: Do I leave my Pixma Pro 100 on if Its not in use?

John Hoffman
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Re: Do I leave my Pixma Pro 100 on if Its not in use?

I have two Pro-100's and I leave them alone.  They shut themselves down after a few moments.  Since I retired I don't print everyday but I don't see any big increase in ink useage.  The Pro-100 isn't the cheapest printer to have if ink is your main concern.  Matter of fact Red River Paper Co. rate it as the most expensive ink user.

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