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Canon Pro-1000 won't take sheets


I have a Canon pro-1000 and it won't take sheets anymore, which is kind of problematic because it's only a sheet fed printer. Every single time now with the automatic sheet feeder, it won't catch the paper. The problem isn't that little grey rubber wheel, the problem seems to the little bar that has two clips on it to catch the paper, and it seems it won't release a sheet anymore. 

Any ideas how to fix this?


Product Expert
Product Expert


Sounds like a hardware failure and the printer would need service. 

If the printer is in it's 1 year warranty, I recommend reaching out to Canon support for your warranty options. You will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

If the printer is out of warranty, you would qualify for the Canon Upgrade program. This is for out of warranty units which have been diagnosed to require service or are incompatible with a new or upgraded system. This program allows you the opportunity to purchase a replacement product discounted from the list price. Free ground shipping is included with your purchase.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please call our Sales Department at (866) 443-8002 Mon-Sat, 9 AM to 9pm EST excluding holidays.

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I fixed it. 

Whenever sheets don't feed, we always suspect that grey rubber wheel isn't grabbing the paper. But that's not it. If you stick something in the little slot at the left that tells the printer the paper cover is closed, then you can see the mechanics of what's happening. Bellow that little grey wheel is a bar that has little hook type things on it to hold the paper and only release one sheet at a time. 

It's that bar that wasn't functioning correctly. It was getting sticky. So I used bicycle oil and lubricated that little bar at each little opening where I could get the oil can in there, and now it's working again. 

never mind. It's hopelessly broken. This is our second machine that's gone bad like this. Both times it stopped taking sheets. It won't take any sheets anymore. They all need to be hand fed and then one margin comes out wrong. 


I am a little upset about this. I had one break and my vendor didn't order a warranty. I then bought another one at Best Buy, and it broke at 6 months and they replaced it. I had a four year warranty, but they now say that since it's been replaced once, the warranty is void. So this is my third Pro 1000, and all three have broken in the same way in the last 2 1/2 years. Every single time the sheet feeder breaks. The little bar under the grey wheel prohibits the printer from taking the sheets. If you open the cover and keep it open while printing, you can see that it grabs the paper, then spits it back out, because those little clips on the bar that hold up the paper won't go down completely and let the paper pass. 

I called suppport and was told Canon doesn't service these machines, because it costs more to service than the machine is worth. That is exactly what I was told. And he said Canon could offer a 10% discount on a new one. But no way. This is my third one to fail in the last 2 1/2 years, each one failing the same way. So I feel like this thing is a lemon. I'm not doing anything special. I use card stock, and enhanced matte paper. That's it. 

I just can't justify spending $1200 for a third time in 2 1/2 years to replace this thing. I've got $600 of ink the cupboard and more in the machine. I feel like Canon needs to do better with this thing. 

I'm all in on these machines at my print shop. I understand your frustration. We have the 2100, 2000, and 6100 and I'm going to buy two more once I have more room after I move next year. The larger machines are roll fed, sheets require a lot of work since they need to be opened and loaded by hand for each sheet. But the color is unlike anything else. 


Josh, I would appreciate any help, but this isn't helping. Sheets require more work? That doesn't help me in any way. It's a sheet fed printer. It's no longer taking sheets. We really only use it for cards, so a 24" or 60" roll printer comparison is of no help to me. If you have any comments that might help me resolve this, I'm all ears. 


Right, as I'm also a user of this equipment I'm trying to say that I don't think they put the same effort into building the Pro-1000 as they do the 24", 44", and 60" models. Not to badmouth Canon, I think it's just a matter of fact that the desktop printers aren't as robust as the larger printers that are made for more of a manufacturing setting. For what you paid for the Pro-1000, it sounds like you've maxed it out time and time again vs the intended use of a few prints here than there.

My advice was going with the larger printer of the same model will help you because those machines can handle the type of work you're trying to put through them. And encouraging you not to give up on this brand and model because the printing that we both do is extremely high end and no other printer on the market is coming close. But a big change for you would be printing on rolls instead of sheets. It's a bit of a different process, but for how much you're printing I think it's necessary.

Thanks Josh. I certainly have NOT maxed out the machine in terms of use. We've gone through maybe three or four maintenance tanks and a few sets of ink. It's not over used at all. There's no excuse for this machine to be breaking like this, and it's not from over use. 

We have a Pro 2100, and it's a good machine. But you can't run cards on the Pro 2100. For that you really need a sheet fed printer, and that's why we have the Pro-1000. So no, we can't use rolls for cards. We've also got three Epson printers that take rolls, two 44" and one 17".  We actually need a smaller sheet fed printer, and for that I went with the Pro-1000, that has the same PF-10 printhead as the larger machines, and the same ink set. 

The mechanical problems with the Pro-1000 seem to be systemic, and NOT because of over use, or from using difficult media or anything. But I'm certainly NOT buying a third Pro-1000, as I'm certain at this point that it will just break like the last two. Canon's response on the phone was to offer me a 10% discount, which is just a joke after dropping $3000 on two of these now in the last couple of years. Canon doesn't service them, and doesn't support them. They need to do better, especially with this defect in the feed mechanism. 


Are the cards you are printing too heavy? Thickness and stiffness have to be within the printer's ability to feed.

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