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Canon Pixma Pro 100S - Canon support gives me a Catch-22 offer


Firstly might I thank ebiggs1 because a post he made a year ago to help a forum member, also helped me resolve my printing problem a month ago. The advice was to remove all power for 15 minutes.

My printer is just 3 months old and hardly used and I've had a recurrence of just refusing to print (no error code) on a Windows 10 Pro m/c over WiFi. Once again removing all power for 15 minutes sorted the problem out.!

The thing is I have a printer under warranty which for whatever reason throws this tantrum. So I contacted Canon support in the UK and they said the following...

Well we would have recommended powering off for 30 minutes, but hey 15 minutes worked. He asked me if it was printing now and I replied it was after using ebiggs1's tip for the second time - so he had me go ahead and print something which clearly worked. His resolution was to issue some form of repair notice under warranty and my printer would go to some external agency BUT if it they failed to replicate the problem I'd be left with the bill. Hell I can't replicate this problem and so I declined but am still left with this dilemma which raises all sorts of questions.
[By the way it isn't acceptable to me to remove all power from this printer for 15 or 30 minutes to resolve a random print issue] which may persist for years and probably well after the warranty runs out - By the way he said their warranty was only for 1 year but thinking about this for Europe this just might be 2 years?

Why are folks offering this advice about removing all power to fix an unknown problem? Could there not be an underlying / common issue - it hasn't happened enough to me for me to work out anything common?

Canon UK support was not prepared to replace the printer rather they have left me with a problem which leaves them entirely out of the loop. I say this because I asked about fault feedback analysis from their repairers and was told there is no such feedback - which simply put means that either the repairers manage to have the fault manifest itself and repair it at Canon's expense, or it behaves perfectly and it's up to me to cough for it. Hence the Catch-22 that Canon UK has offered me.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.





That position isn't uncommon for any product. If you bring a car in for a stated problem and the dealer can't recreate it he won't know what to fix.


Keep reporting each time it happens and then maybe you can build a case.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

Fair enough but the car dealer isn't going to land you with the bill having sold you a car which is now 3 months old, at least here in UK they won't hence the Catch22 with Canon out of the loop!

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