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printer keeps disconnecting from wireless.



I am at the end of my rope here and I guess my free support has expired. I'm not willing to spend a cent to get more bad advice on my printer.


I purchased my TR4522 over a year ago. since that time I have made MULTIPLE telephone support calls for the same issue. 


the issue is that each time I go to try to use the printer/scanner etc, it's offline. Then I have to delete it from my computer and often have problems reinstalling. Yesterday it took me over half an hour to reinstall, worked fine then today its offline again. 


on my last support call I was told to follow up with my laptop manufacturer (Lenovo) who wasn't helpful. 

I have 2 laptops, a HP and a newer Lenovo, and both run Windows 10.


this is UNACCEPTABLE. I have NEVER had these issues with ANY other printer. I have needed it sporadically, but now I am needing to use it more, as I am working on several projects and working from home... and its just a paperweight.


I might add that my iphone will print fine, but I can't scan anything from it of course.


Any ideas before this piece of junk goes to the trash heap? If I end up doing that I will not be replacing with another Canon device. 


I'm sorry for the tone here but I'm extremely frustrated with the whole situation and just feel that I haven't been supported.






From your description I can tell what the problem likely is.


The IP address of your printer is changing.


I won't bore you with the how or why.  Please try the following.


On your router, assign the printer a static IP address.  Depending on the model, this might be called "Static IP, or "Address Reservation" etc.


Restart the printer and verify it has the assigned IP.  Ways you can check:  PING the device from a command prompt.  View the list of attached devices on your router, or open a browser and enter the IP of the device there.  Its webserver should display.


Once verfied, uninstall the printer.  Restart your machine.  Now re-install the printer.  Chances are this will solve the problem for you.  

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thank you for that information, but I don't have a clue how to do this. 

would I need to look up the router info online and maybe get instruction?

the router is rented from my ISP if that matters. 


I'm not completely computer illiterate, but this is way over my knowledge base and field of expertise.

Hi zenfnp,


You can also try keeping your printer on at all times so that the IP address does not change.


To do this, please follow these steps:


 1.  Make sure that your PIXMA TR4522 is powered on.


 2.  Press the wrench and screwdriver button 1 time.


 3.  Use the arrow keys to select ECO settings and press the OK button.


 4.  Use the arrow keys to select EnergySaveSettings and press the OK button.


 5.  Select Auto power off and then press the OK button.


 6.  Select NEVER and press the OK button.


Also, please follow these steps:


 1.  Press the wrench and screwdriver button 1 time.


 2.  Use the arrow keys to select ECO settings and press the OK button.


 3.  Use the arrow keys to select EnergySaveSettings and press the OK button.


 4.  Use the arrow keys to select Auto power on and press the OK button.


 5.  Use the arrow keys to select ON and press the OK button.








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Yes, the printer is always on.


the respondent who said change IP address of printer may very well be correct but I don't know how to do this procedure.


I am very disappointed in Canon technical support because after multiple calls on the same issue, no one was ever able to solve the issue, but no one mentioned the IP address issue.


I am going to have to hire someone to help me do that procedure to see if that is a solution.


Just disappointed that after years of Canon loyalty with both cameras and printers, the support is just in name only. I suppose that is how most companies are these days. I'm very good at what I do for a living, which is NOT IT, and just like you all depend on people like me for my field of expertise, I depend on IT/support professionals for accurate answers.

Agreed. I wasted two hours just trying to figure out how to get into this forum. Canon support is non existent unless you are willing to pay the $19.99. Phone support should be free like its is with Apple. C'mon Canon, get with the program.


Exact same problem. Exact same reaction to shadowsports' (appreciated) advice. I also leave the printer on, though I'm now going to try Patrick's steps. Thanks to all for the help. This is such a waste of time...