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Mx472 - Won't connect to WIFI - AP Overlap


I recently had two access points added to my house. One on the second floor and one on the first floor (router is in basement).

My Canon MX470 printer used to work just fine with the old setup. Now it does not connect to the wifi at all. When I try to setup the Wireless LAN, the printer recognizes the Network (we'll call it MyNetwork) but then rather than give me a place to type in the password using the keypad, it says "AP Overlap" - it then gives me the option to choose one AP or multiple APs.

If I choose one AP - its asks me to choose which MAC address: it offers two MAC addresses:



When I look at the Access Point Details for my two Access points I see this

AP #1 - 20:9C:B4:C2:XX:XX

AP#2 - B8:37:B2:C0:XX:XX

[Masked MAC and AP details for privacy]

It appears the printer is seeing the two access points, but whether I choose one or multiple access points it will not connect.


Anyone else have this problem, have a solution?






Can you tell me about the wireless hardware?  Is this Ubiquiti, eero, Fritzbox, etc?

Is the same SSID name or channels being used for all AP's?

Its the hardware or configuration thats causing the AP overlap.


Bay Area - CA

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Hi Rick.

I had the system installed because I know just enough to make a $25 project a $500 project.  I will apologize up front for my lack of knowledge.

I was provided with a monitoring app for my network called aruba instant on.  I have google fiber that comes in to the GF router that is then connected to a pretty sophisticated switch.  The two wifi access points are connected to the switch - via aruba instant on, I can see the switch and the access points and their "details"

The wifi network is called "Cardinal" and has a password, so that when I connect my phone or laptop to the wifi network, it connects to Cardinal using the password.  In the aruba instant on app, I can see that one AP is called 2nd Floor Hall and the other is MB Hall.  I don't know if those are the SSIDs or not.

Appreciate your patience.




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