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Canon Pixma ix6820 Network Setup Instructions are WRONG!


According to Canon, the ix6820's pre-set printer admin password is the printer's serial number. This information is WRONG!

The printer"s pre-set admin password is not the printer's serial number!

After setting it up, print the network settings by holding in the stop/cancel button until the power light has flashed 6 times.

The printer's default password will be on the last line of the network printout page!!!

After a frustrating several hours of both carefully following the published instructions for my brand new printer AND then after interacting without success with Canon support via chat, I finally gave up and returned the first one I bought. Setting up the network interface of my brand-new PIXMA ix6820 had proven impossible. Nothing worked. Couldn't get past the printer's pre-set admin password to save new settings.

I ordered another, figuring that the network interface on the first one was somehow defective. But upon opening and setting up the second one, I encountered the exact same problem, namely the printer has a pre-set admin password that will stop you from saving any changes to the network settings. It took me quite a while to figure out but I finally, as a last resort, I tried printing out the network configuration page... AND THERE IT WAS!

Again, I repeat:

The last line of the network printout page for the PIXMA ix6820 reveals the printer's (actual) pre-set default password!!!

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Hi Renaldo,

Thank YOU for sharing! I've been trying for hours to find the password. Your solution worked for me! Canon should hire you.


Thank you!


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