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Can't connect my TS3522 to the wifi and print with the Canon Print app.


This printer connects wirelessly to the router and I print using the Canon Print app.

I have a gigasphere  GS4220E router that I got from my internet provider.
I have a Canon TS3522 printer. I was able to connect in before.
I thought it would need the WPS pin code but it was able to connect without it.

I pressed the wireless button on the printer.
I think something came up saying "setup new printer". I'm not sure how I got to that.
Now the printer lost the connection and I don't know how to connect it again.
I don't think I had to do anything in the command IQ app that controls access to the router and lists each device..
I was able to see all of the devices that were previously connected in Command IQ but I don't see how to get back to that.

Any suggestions.



I see that the printer shows that the wifi connection is on.

The Canon app says offline.Screenshot_20240113_111236_PRINT.jpg20240113_110326.jpg


Since the printer has a X by the wifi, you will need to reconnect the printer to your network. Please click HERE to open the support page of your TS3522. 

Once the page opens, scroll down and select Wireless printing and then you the steps to connect the printer using the App. This will provide you with the steps needed to connect the printer back to your network using the app. 

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Hey "Expert" there's a reason your answer has 0 likes.  It's weird Canon doesn't offer some simple way to get a wireless connection established between a modern MacBook running a modern Mac OS.  Everywhere you look online has useless "use the app" or "do this or that with your LAN" instead of "press this button on your printer then press this one on your MacBook".  No wonder the printer's so cheap at Walmart...why buy new cartridges when the whole printer barely costs any more.


I press all the correct buttons so it is supposed to find the printer.

It finds other printers but not mine.  So I can't set it up to work with my phone.

I have win11 on my computer so I think it will not print there.  I want it to print from my phone because I have other devices and I don't want to turn on my computer just to print.

It finds one or two nearby HP printers but not this Canon printer

So is the printer defective or do you have a solution.

cant find my printer.jpg


I recommend you reach out to Canon support. Our team will be able to assist you in real time with this matter. You will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you

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