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Windows Fax and Scan

For scanning I prefer to use Windows Fax and Scan rather than Canon's own scanning software.


When I had Windows 7, I was able to add the scanning component of my multi-function MP990 to Control Panel (Devices and Printers) as a separate device. This enabled Windows Fax and Scan to recognize the scanning component of my MP990 and scan from it.


Recently I did a clean ('custom') install of Windows 8. Unfortunately, I cannot remember how I setup the scanning component of my multi-function MP990 as a separate device, and now Windows Fax and Scan does not recognize that I have a scanner.


Please note:

  • I have already installed the most recent driver for my MP990.
  • The printing component of my MP990 works perfectly.

Would someone please remind me how to setup the scanning component of my multi-function printer in Devices and Printers so that Windows Fax and Scan will recognize my scanner and scan from it. Many thanks.

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Re: Windows Fax and Scan

Hi Bulldog,


The Windows Fax and Scan program will often use the WIA drivers, but may have access to the TWAIN drivers as well.  To ensure that the scanner drivers are installed properly, check the following path: C:/Windows/TWAIN_32.  You should see a folder for the Canon printer as well as a file called wiatwain.ds.  If these items are not in the TWAIN_32 folder, reinstall the drivers.  If they are, then I recommend contacting Microsoft for additional help with setting up the Fax and Scan program to recognize your scanner.

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Re: Windows Fax and Scan

From my research I can tell you that this is one of the most frustrating problems with multi-function printers. I am pleased to say that I discovered the solution, after a great deal of experimentation.


The first thing to know is that Windows Fax and Scan uses Windows Image Acquisition. Therefore, your printer must have a WIA driver. According to this KnowledgeBase article on Canon's website:


Which Inkjet Multifunction Printers Are Supported On Windows 8?


Windows 8 has a native WIA driver for the Canon MP990. It's only a matter of persuading Windows 8 to install the driver.


In addition, it's worthwhile checking to see if  the Windows Image Acquisition service is running, but it almost certainly is running.


If you have already installed the Canon MP990 then it will appear in Devices and Printers as a printer. I discovered that, in my case, the MP990 was only installed as a printer. You want it to be installed as a printer and a scanner.


To do this, go to Devices and Printers and do the following:

  1. Select 'Add a printer'
  2. Click on 'The printer that I wan't isn't listed.'
  3. On the next screen, add your MP990 printer by any applicable method.
  4. Let Windows install the MP990 (again). Since the MP990 was already installed as a printer, the only thing left for Windows to install is the scanner.
  5. After you're done you will see two icons for the MP990 in Devices and Printers. If you simply click on each icon in turn and look at its description in the status bar, you will see that one icon says "Category: Printer" and the other icon says "Category: Printer; Scanner" Bingo! You've now installed the scanner.
  6. Delete the icon that says only "Category: Printer" [right-click on the icon > Remove device]

Now you can scan with Windows Fax and Scan.


I do not know why my MP990 originally installed itself as a printer only. Nevertheless, I figured out how to get Windows to install the scanner as well. I hope this will be helpful to someone else.


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Re: Windows Fax and Scan

windows fax and scan disconnects prematurely then redials to SOME but not all of my contacts

SO I have been using the dependable Canon FAX software through my MX860, same MS Contacts address book, same win8.1-64 fickle OS

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