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Where is Canon IJ Network Tool?

I have IMACS with OS 10. I have an MX860. I had a router and everything was working fine through comcast cable modem. Them we got combined comcast TV, phone, and cable modem. So that service came with wireless so I am trying to change the settings to their router. I came to a step that says select the Canon IJ Network Tool  and select LAN connection. Where is the Canon IJ Network Tool?


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Re: Where is Canon IJ Network Tool?

Hello gs3sward.


Please try the following to connect the unit to the network:


 1.  Open the Hard Drive (Mac HD).

 2.  Open the Library Folder.

 3.  Open the Printers folder.

 4.  Open the Canon Folder, then the BJ Printer folder.  Once there, open the Utilities folder.

 5.  Open the Canon IJ Network utility.

 6.  Once the utility is launched, make sure that 'Setup' is selected in the upper left dropdown menu instead of 'Utility'.

 7.  Select the printer in the list or click 'Update' if it has not populated yet, then click 'OK'.

 8.  Follow the steps on screen to configure the printer over your network.

 9.  Once the setup is complete, add the printer by clicking the Apple and choosing 'System Preferences'.

10.  Open the 'Print and Fax' menu.

11.  Highlight and delete any copies of the Canon Printer listed on the left by clicking the minus (-) sign.

12.  Click the plus (+) sign.

13.  Click the 'More Printers' option on the lower left when it appears.

14.  Make sure that 'Canon IJ Network is selected in the top drop down menu of the next screen.

15.  Highlight the printer and click 'Add' when it is available.


Once this has been done, disconnect the USB cable and attempt to print.

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Re: Where is Canon IJ Network Tool?

Hi there,

I am expereincing the same issue but on a HP Laptop - have changed modems and now the printer won't work - tried to find out how to reset it but got stuck when it told me to start selecting things from the IJ Network Tool menu...where do I find the IJ network Tool???

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Re: Where is Canon IJ Network Tool?

Can you tell me where it is in Windows 10?

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Re: Where is Canon IJ Network Tool?

Where on Google Chrome
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Re: Where is Canon IJ Network Tool?

The Canon IJ Network Tool is a utility that enables you to display and modify the machine network settings. It is installed when the machine is set up.




  • Do not start up the Canon IJ Network Tool while printing.
  • Do not print when the Canon IJ Network Tool is running.
  • If the firewall function of your security software is turned on, a message may appear warning that Canon software is attempting to access the network. If the warning message appears, set the security software to always allow access.


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Re: Where is Canon IJ Network Tool?

This is just information copied and pasted from the online documentation. The problem is -- it's wrong -- at least for the Pixma Pro-100. IJ Network Tool isn't installed with the rest of the software on Windows 10 and it isn't available at any of the locations the documentation I've found thus far says it is. That's why the OP asked the question and it's what I wonder too.


We can read as well as anyone else. We're looking for answers from experience. It's far more difficult than it should be to setup the networking on the Pixma Pro-100.

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Re: Where is Canon IJ Network Tool?

In Windows 10, it is not used.

While connected to the USB, run setup again and choose the network option. You will go thru a series of screens that should be self explanatory. A new driver will be downloaded,more screens, etc.


Keep the USB connected until you are told to disconnect.

The final install does not have a screen, just wait and eventually the confirmation will display.

The screen can hang for a bit if you click on details? or whatevr is not the complete button, just wait, it will load.


The setup screens did not display well. The action button, next, back, accept, etc are cut off at the bottom. If you also have this issue you will have to tab 1,2, or 3 times to hit enter and proceed. Trial and error here but you will get thru it eventually.


Enjoy your network printer

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