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Re: The bottom of the page always cut off

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Hi i have had that problem also while trying to print form for taxs, what i did that helped me was went to more settings then scale to custom set the number to 96 it now prints out everything.

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Re: The bottom of the page always cut off

all you have to do is go to the canon quick menu and once you are there, you have to click on the icon for "open my printer" (sorry that my windows is on spanish) well is where ir says "iniciar my printer" once you do that then you click on the "printer settings" is where on my pic "configuracion de la impresora" and once you do that we have to go to the second step

Captura para canon.PNG

then you hit "paper size for the printer" that is where in my pc says "tamaño de papel para la impresora" and then you click on the tab "page setting" that is where on my picture says configurar pagina and then select the 8.5 X 11 letter  22cmX28cm and then we go to the third and last step. (would be good if you follow the numbers on the pictures).Captura.PNG

this is the last step the third one and most important I would say: 

you have to click on the combo menu that says "Paper size" where in my pic says "tamaño de papel" once you do that you look for the letter size and then you choose 8.5 X 11 and it  says letter 22cmX28 then you click on the "page adjust" and then  he same with the menu that says "paper size for printer" where in picture says "tamaño del papel de impresora" and look for exacly the same "Letter 22cmX28cm 8.5 X 11" and then hit accept and try printing something and you will see that is fixed.

I also had the same problem with the copying part but this fixed I guess, let me try, and it's working but then I did the fourth sterp (optional as its for the copying part)


Captura 1.PNG

please let me know if that helped you, and give the thanks to God. 

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