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Re: Follow-up request: TS9120 Borderless 4x6 print does not scale properly

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Hi andrejfavia,


For the issue being experienced, it is recommended that you Contact Us for further assistance.  In the interim, information regarding performing borderless printing can be viewed here.

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Re: Follow-up request: TS9120 Borderless 4x6 print does not scale properly

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Ramona, I just called Canon earlier today through the tele number that is on the Contact Us page concerning my printer.


After an hour and a half over the phone, the higher up told the rep who I spoke with to tell me, that the printer overlaps some picture information outside of the printed area, and is, according to what the technician was told, "within the specs of the machine."


That resolution is not acceptable.


For a professional photo company to say that a misaligned 4x6 borderless print is *SUPPOSED* to print incorrectly (as I showed in my test image on page 1) is ludicrous, and therefore, I consider this printer defective.


Furthermore, for a Canon rep to say to the rep to tell me that's just how it is and they won't do anything about it is even more outrageous, and again, not acceptable.


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Re: Follow-up request: TS9120 Borderless 4x6 print does not scale properly

I have the same problem on my just-purchased TR8520. Spent two hours with tech support and came up with the best(?) solution. 


4x6 borderless with 4x6 image. With borderless the printer makes the image larger by close to a quarter inch all the way around I think. And it's not exactly the same on all sides.


I do this:

1. Be sure the internal size of the image (you can set that in Photoshop), is 6x4.

2. Specify a scale factor of 95% when printing from Preview.*  It's almost exactly on two sides and slightly truncated on the other two. When I try to print from "Photos," there is no option to specify scale.


* I'm on a Mac.


It's not perfect but way closer than the default.


Might be different on your printer.


Good luck.


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Re: TS9120 Borderless 4x6 print does not scale properly

Well WilburBruce (and others), if it's happening on TWO printers, and Canon STILL hasn't fixed this problem on my year-old TS9120, then it might as well be happening on all of their new inkjet printers.


Canon so far to date has failed to inform me that they have any fix for the issue (which now both you and I describe).


Most frustrating to me is the ~$20 or so of ink that I wasted in trying to troubleshoot this issue.


Canon's over-the-phone apology back on November 21, 2018 for making me go through that much ink is not a suitable amendment for my ink expense. I do not agree to spend money on replacement ink, which is already an outrageous expense given the prices that I looked up.


For the time being, my printer will continue to collect dust and carry empty ink cartridges, not to be replaced, except through a company reimbursement. (And note that I said reimbursement, not "Here's 20% off your purchase through" - none of that nonsense, I won't buy it.)

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