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Re: Slow Printing

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Hi guys, I have a Cannon MX922 and had the same problem. For me my printer took 5+ minutes just to process then to print just one page. I also couldn't see the ink levels anymore in the printing pop-up box on my laptop when I went to print. I fixed my issue by downloading the drivers to the printer. I found that a driver was unavailable when I tried to just reconnect the printer to my laptop wirelessly. I got all the drivers and it fixed my problems. I downloaded the drivers from here: [link replaced with Canon USA to ensure proper software is offered]


There's a set for Windows and for Mac. I hope this helps, good luck.

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Re: Slow Printing

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I appreciate this thread has be going on for a while now but, It doesn't seem as if matters have improved much...


I have a Canon TS5050 (which may be UK only model, but in the TS 5000 series) which quite suddenly slowed down to a crawl, this only seemed to affect the print side, the scan side seemed quite normal.


When trying to print 7x5 (127x178mm) glossy photo quality prints. From scan into "My Image Garden" Canon software, which was normal. From pressing "print" it could take up to 10 to 15 minutes to get one printed photo, the actual printing was at normal speed, the time lag was only for the "processing". Following the print, the screen would continue to show "printing" for a further 10 minutes before returning to the "home" screen. If more than one photo was to be printed, the next wouldn't begin until this laborious process was completed, when the whole processig would begin again.


Printing A4 text documents was a little quicker but not much.


I tried every setting Within Windows (10) and the Canon printer that I could think of or find, concentrating initially on the "quiet mode" as suggestions here and other sources. Nothing changed. My Brother printer that was retained for printing A3, worked normally, so I discounted the WiFi connection as the problem, the Canon sits directly under the router within 18 inches, so distance from the router was not even considered a problem, the normally working Brother is in a different room.


I was on the verge of disposing of the Canon printer and replacing it with a different maker's. When out of frustration I decided to download and install the latest drivers, rather than use the installation disc  (I had already previously updated the firmware, this made no difference at all) The complete process of getting the drivers took over half an hour as I had to register for them, something that Canon doesn't make very easy.


I am though pleased to report that after the installation of the drivers the Canon TS 5050 has returned to normal operation, and I fancy somewhat quicker than before. I still don't know what the problem was, but assume the previous drivers became corrupted.


For those who are experiencing a dramatic slow-down of their Canon printers, I can recommend trying a reinstall of the drivers from the Canon website before throwing away your printer. Mine now works "as new".

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Re: Slow Printing

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This solved my problem!! Thank you very much! 


I just simply downloaded and installed new drivers.


On another note, why the hell couldnt Canon suggest this? Weirdos

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