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Printer is performing another operation

For some reason my Canon MX7720 printer, which has worked fine for five years, suddenly won't print. It gives the error "printer is performing another operation". I'm using windows 10. I didn't make any significant changes to the computer before this happened. In an attempt to repair I have:

  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver (multiple times)
  • Restarted print spooling
  • Restarted the computer multiple times during the various efforts

At this point, the printer is unusable. I've read thread-after-thread that talks about this error, but I have yet to find anyone who seems to have an actual fix. 


Incidentally, at one point today, the computer just began spitting out two pages of unprinted paper about every ten minutes, but I still couldn't print.. I have no idea what that was all about. It stopped after one of the reinstalls. 


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Re: Printer is performing another operation

Please try the following steps and let us know what happens. If it can print out these LAN details it would rule out an internal printer issue and point towards something related to either the pc or the method of communication.

By the way, do you have this setup wirelessly (using WiFI) or with a USB cable connecting to your computer? If wirelessly, and if this LAN details page prints, check about 14 lines down on the printout, where it says "Signal Strength" for a percentage indicating WiFI signal. Anything lower than 80% will be problematic and could account for the blank pages coming out.

To print the LAN details for your printer, follow the steps below.
Make sure that the printer is turned on.

Load two sheets of A4 or Letter-sized plain paper.

Flick the HOME screen and tap Setup.
The menu screen appears.

Tap Device settings.

Tap LAN settings.

Tap Confirm LAN settings.

Tap Print LAN details.

Tap Yes.

The printer starts printing the network settings information.
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Re: Printer is performing another operation

I'm actually connecting through USB (which I have always done). 

Interestingly, when I try to print the LAN details, nothing happens. At the "Print LAN details? screen, I tap "yes" and I get a "beep" and the "yes" button briefly highlights, but nothing actually prints. 

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Re: Printer is performing another operation

This morning I re-booted the printer (which I had done before) and for some reason, now it's working just fine. Maybe it heard me saying that if I couldn't get it sorted out today I was buying a new one. Thanks for your help. 

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