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Re: Please make MP Navigator EX work with MX922

i, also, am very disappointed that MP Navigator EX 5.1 doesn't work with my new PIXMA MX922. My old MX890 had a 'fatal error' and died recently. RIP! I HATE all the cutsy stuff that has been added, i.e.,  "MY IMAGE GARDEN"--REALLY!!!!

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Re: Please make MP Navigator EX work with MX922

[ Edited ]

I have also been a dedicated MP Navigator EX user for many years. After spending several hours in two separate phone calls to Canon support and finding out that the support staff was not able to help me, I figured it out on my own.


Please note, that I use Mac OS X, Version 10.10.5 (Yosemite)


I can now happily report that the Canon IJ San Utility, the replacement of MP Navigator, that works with my new MX 922 does in fact work very well and is indeed a great improvement. The trick is getting the correct IJ Scan Utility installed on your computer.



After installing the different drivers etc. from the included disc (after a special install software download) I got an error message every time that told me that ScanGear failed to install each time. I could not get around that. I searched online for a MP Navigator replacement and ended up with "Canon IJ Scan Utility2". I found it here: [Removed 3rd party link per Forum Guidelines]  Although it works fine for scanning do not get this, as it is the wrong utility. I'll explain below.


The interface looks like this:


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.10.56 PM.png 

Note the button on the right that says "Driver". Pressing that button opens the Apple Image Capture interface,


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.59.04 PM.png

but not a familiar MP Navigator like interface. However the user's manual "MX920ser_Scanning_EN.pdf", on page 82 clearly shows the ScanGear software interface. And on page 6 of that same manual the IJ Scan Utility also looks different. It does not have that "Driver" button. It has a "ScanGear" button. 


So I ended up at Canon's driver download page at


Here I downloaded the following 2 files: 

misd-mac-ijscanner5-4_0_0-ea19_2.dmg.  Under "Optional Driver(s)". This is the IJ Scanner5 driver 




msd_-mac-mx920-19_1_0a-ea11.dmg. MX920 series Scanner Driver Ver.19.1.0b (Mac). This is the ScanGear_MX920 series software. After installing that second package, this is what my Canon IJ Scan Utility interface looks like now.


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.34.28 PM.png

Notice the difference with the previous image. It is Scan Utility instead of Scan Utility2. And it has the ScanGear button on the right.


This is what I get now when I click on the ScanGear button. The very familiar MP Navigator like interface we all wanted back so much. Including Basic and Advanced Modes.


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.41.22 PM.png

And after scanning multiple pages like for multiple page .pdf files I again get this.


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.48.09 PM.png

So, obviously the MP Navigator replacement for the MX922 printer does in fact exist, and is also better. There are a few things to learn still, like stitching which I would previously do in Photoshop after scanning. That was always a pain. We'll see how it works with the new Scan Utility.

This is of course good news for Mac users. Obviously I don't know if the same is true for Windows users.

I hope this helps all the frustrated former MP Navigator EX users who have Macs, and possibly also Windows users.

Good luck.

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Re: Please make MP Navigator EX work with MX922

When I'm in scan gear the images of the scanned document (last photo in your post) are in a tiny box I can barely see. And I can't click on the tiny image to see in full size and I can't click a box to select ot deselect to either skip pages or put in different order for save. Is the above last photo a pop up box that opens up after the image is scanned (I think it's called preveiw mode) or are those images within the box that is Scan Gear the way Navigator worked? Can you click on the image to see it in larger format? Can you select or deselect images? Hopefully this question makes sense. And thank you for your thoughtful post.
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Re: Please make MP Navigator EX work with MX922

Me too. Will never buy another Canon anything. MP navigator worked well until I upgraded to high sierra and now all older canon printers can't scan anymore. Shame on canon. I have a Mx870
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Solution MP Navigator EX works with MX922 under name Canon IJ Scan Utility

I can scan with the PC interface and the control panel on the printer.  I had to enter my SSID and password manually as doing it with WPS did not work for my ATT router.


I was able to download necessary files for Macbook Pro 17" 2007 OS X El Capitan v 10.11 and Macbook Pro 15' 2017 OS X Sierra v 10.12.6.  Received same error as seen here "Cannot communicate with printer" error.


I received a DVD with printer software with the printer but it did not contain what I needed just a link that opened a web page when I chose my OS for each Macbook.  I bought an external optical drive for optical drive software since the 15" has no optical drive.  You don't need the DVD, you can go to the below site.


I went to Canon's site using link from the DVD


I think Register Product here is required.  Despite my registering it elsewhere this particular location seemed to make everything work wrt getting the right files and having them install without issue.


The site detected MACOS Sierra v10.12 (it also auto-detected correctly with my El Capitan Macbook Pro)

Click on Drivers & Downloads

Click Select on the three listed drivers


Select MX920 CUPS Printer Driver Ver

Download mcpd-mac-mx920-16_20_0_0-ea21_3.dmg 


Select MX920 Scanner Driver Ver.19.1.0b

Download msd_-mac-mx920-19_1_0a-ea11.dmg


Select Optional ICA Driver

Download misd-mac-ijscanner5-4_0_0-ea19_2.dmg


Double click on each file and install them according to instruction

Go to System Preferences - Printers & Scanners

Click the + and add Canon MX920 series  Bonjour Multifunction

Check Share this printer on the network 

Turn Printer Sharing on

Click Sharing Preferences add Users if needed


Your installation should have placed files you need in the Canon Utilities folder

In IJ Scan Utility folder double click Canon IJ Scan Utility this is the new MP Navigator Ex from what I can tell.


The Canon IJ Scan Utility interface will open 

Click to choose Product Name and change to Canon MX920 series Network (this got rid of the error unable to communicate) . If I left it as the default (Canon MX920 series I get the cannot communicate error)

You can now set your scanning preferences by double clicking Auto etc

Click OK on the message Scan by automatically selecting the settings......


The on-screen manual is less useful for settings info than the online manual.


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Re: My workaround

[ Edited ]

I know this is an old thread. But I was trying to scour the internet looking for the same solution to this problem and was surprised to see that it hasn't been fixed or no one has made a workaround. Tried to use the scan utility or whatever and it wasn't cutting it for me.


Anyways, I used what little programming skills I had and basically made a device profile for the MP Navigator software for it to work. I used the MX870 series file as a base since that was the last MX printer to support MP Nav. I only did basic testing with default settings and it works so far. Looks like I can use the scanner driver (scan gear) if I want more advanced settings and it'll output it directly to the navigator still. I can now scan multiple pages and actually pick the ones I want to save into a PDF.


The only thing that I found that doesn't work is the order that it's displayed when scanned (when trying to change it in the settings). It pretty much just goes the order it was scanned in. You can just put the documents facing up to go in order, or just organize it on the timeline thing at the bottom of MP Nav I guess.



I have only tested this with MP Navigator EX 5.0 (the one that show for download for my previous printer, MG6220). In theory, it should work with MP Navigator 3.1 or whatever comes with the MX870 considering that was where the source file was located.


Here's the file for anyone that wants to give it a try:

[Removed third party link per Community guidelines]


You want to put it in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Canon\MP Navigator EX 5.0\Device


Then you need to open preferences and on the general tab, select the mx920 printer, when you open MP Navigator.



On another note, ADF duplex takes forever to scan for me. Is that normal? This was like this when I was using the stock utility. If anything, using the MP Nav seems to be slightly faster, but I still consider it to be slow compared to my old printer.

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